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Snatch強奪スナッチSunacchi; lit. "Robbery"」is a power possessed by the Fox's Sin of Greed, Ban.


Snatch, according to King, is an ability that enables its wielder to "rob" physical objects and the abilities of other creatures, without making any actual or direct contact, because it is an intangible attack.[1] This attack is extremely dangerous if used properly, because it bypasses any obstacle on its way, this includes: magic based barriers, armors, battle equipment, etc.[2]

"Robbing" objects seems to have the effect of stopping the particular object's motion, and also allows the wielder to grab and pull it; such an ability can be used to stop the usage of equipment during a battle.[3] One drawback is that while the weapons themselves become unusable, techniques that do not require motion are not restricted.

Wielders are also able to basically steal the physical abilities of their opponents, including speed, stamina and raw strength, and add it to their own, thus strengthening themselves, and weakening their opponents.[4] At his peak of stolen power, Melascula comments Ban's power level roughly surpasses that of Galand at his 26,000 base level, which was heavily weakened.[5] The amount of strength Ban can steal is limited as his body can only contain so much before he reaches his maximum capacity. If Ban exceeds his limits, he will be left exhausted and unable to even move.

Despite the advantages this ability give, it could be countered by simply having a strength beyond of which Ban's could steal. Ban also needs to know where something is located in order to take it, as shown in the fight against Melascula where Ban tried to rip her heart out.

After sixty years of failed attempts to steal the Demon King's abilities with Snatch (and getting his own power absorbed instead), Ban started to feel the sensation of "giving" instead of "taking", and becomes capable of seemingly "giving" his own power and strength to others, healing and strengthening them as a result. Being immortal, Ban runs no risk of exhausting his life force.[6] However, after transferring the power of the Fountain of Youth to Elaine in order to prevent her from dying, Ban loses his immortality and can no longer infinitely give away his life force.


  • Physical Hunt身体狩りフィジカルハントFijikaru Hanto; lit. "Body Hunting"」: A characteristic technique of Ban's magic that allows him to temporarily steal all of his opponents physical abilities, including both their strength and speed. These abilities are added to his own.[7]
    • Hunter Fest狩りの祭典ハンターフェスHantā Fesu; lit. "Hunting Festival"」: A technique that allows Ban to steal the physical strength of every living creature within a hundred foot radius of himself. However, as noted by Melascula, there is a limit to how much strength Ban can rob a person from, as seen in his encounter with Galand. Once the limit is reached, Ban is incapable of robbing the person of more power as it puts his own body in danger.[8] After using Hunter Fest to its limit, Ban becomes heavily fatigued to the point that he is incapable of fulfilling the simplest of tasks such as walking.
    • Gift贈与ギフトGifuto」: Using this technique, Ban is able to transfer his own life force and strength to another being. Having lost his immortality, the limit in how much of his strength he can give is yet uncertain. [9]
  • Fox Hunt獲物狩りフォックスハントFokkusu Hanto; lit. "Prey Hunting"」: A technique best used in conjunction with a far-reaching weapon. Boasting pinpoint accuracy, the technique allows Ban to swiftly grab hold of an object and pull it towards himself, seemingly bypassing any obstructions.[10]
    • Crazy Hunt乱獲クレイジーハントKureijī Hanto; lit. "Over-hunting"」: A technique used by Ban to extract the vital organs of multiple enemies simultaneously. [11]
  • Banishing Kill「バニシング・キル, Banishingu Kiru」: Ban uses his power to pull himself over a distance, delivering a near instantaneous and fatal slash to his opponent as he is propelled across from them.[12]
    • Assault Hunt死神の一薙アサルトハントAsaruto Hanto; lit. "Death Single Mowing"」: A powerful but savage attack where Ban is thrust forward, beheading any caught in his path. This technique allows him to dispose of a large group of enemies in a single assault.[13]
    • Crazy Rush「クレイジー・ラッシュ, Kureijī Rasshu」: A technique that attacks multiple enemies in a single moment no matter the distance. [14]
  • Zero Sign絶気配ゼロサインZero Sain; lit. "Presence Suppression"」: A technique that somehow makes Ban invisible and undetectable, possibly by "stealing" one's perception of him and making it easy to sneak up on enemies. Effective enough that Monspeet who was able to sense people watching him through a crystal ball hundreds of meters away was still unable to sense Ban when using this ability. [15]



  • The aspect of "robbing" physical objects and abilities conforms with Ban's title as the Sin of Greed, greed being an inordinate desire to possess wealth, goods, or objects of abstract value.


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