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Spells「術, Jutsu」 are operations of magical powers that can be triggered either inherently or by Incantation Orbs. A spell can have a variety of different effects based entirely on what kind of spell it is, what type of spell it is, and the overall strength and magic power.

Inherent Spells

These spells mostly have different effects according of the person casting them.


  • Destroy Four Elements破壊の四大元素デストロイ・フォー・エレメントDesutoroi Fō Eremento; literally meaning "Four Elements of Destruction"」: A formidable spell where four elements (specifically; water, earth, fire and air) are summoned and fused into a single, devastating energy attack that is fired at the enemy.[1] The attack creates a large explosion upon impact.[2]
  • Exterminate Ray殲滅の光エクスターミネイトレイEkusutāmineito Rei; literally meaning "Light of Annihilation"」: A spell where the caster fires a disintegration beam, incinerating everything in the line of fire.[3]
  • Shock Stinger衝撃の尾針ショック・スティンガーShokku Sutingā」: A spell with which the caster throws a lightning bolt at the enemy causing a great impact on his body.[4]
  • Fire Storm「ファイアストーム, Faia Sutōmu」: A spell that allows the caster to attack the opponent with a powerful blast of fire.[5]
  • Fireball「ファイヤーボール, Faiyābōru」:A spell that allows the caster to attack the opponent with a great fireball.[6]
  • Endless Whirl終わりなき渦エンドレス・ワールEndoresu Wāru」: A spell with which the caster creates a vortex of wind with an incredible destructive power, sucking their objectives towards its center. [7]
  • Blaze Storm「ブレイズストーム, Bureizu Sutōmu」: A spell where the user catches their opponent inside a miniature twister.[8]
  • Freeze Coffin凍結棺フリーズ・コフィンFurīzu Kofin」: By performing a hand sign and tracing a rectangle through the air with her fingers, the caster is able to instantaneously freeze their opponent. The target is rendered immobile while frozen.[9]
  • Icicle Castle氷柱の城アイシクルキャッスルAishikuru Kyassuru」: A spell with which the caster traps their targets inside huge pillars of ice.[10]
  • Ice Meteo「アイスメテオ, Aisu Meteo」: A spell which launches a rain of ice shards over the opponent.[11]
  • Wave Dragon波竜ウェーブドラゴンUēbu Doragon」: A spell that allows the caster to call many dragons made of water.[12]
  • Aqua Dress水の衣アクアドレスAkua Doresu; literally meaning "Water Dress"」: A spell that creates clothes made of water. By refracting the light in the water, the caster is able to hide the most "important" parts.[13]


  • Dark Curses Immunity: This negation spell grants immunity to any type of dark curses, including even the Demon King's Commandments. It was used on Merlin and all the Four Archangels.
  • Manipulation Immunity: This negation spell grants immunity to the possession and brainwashing powers, including those of the Goddess Clan. It was used on Merlin and the Ten Commandments.
  • Absolute Cancel絶対強制解除アブソリュート・キャンセルAbusoryūto Kyanseru」: By placing their hands over a spell, the caster is able to completely erase it from existence.[14] However, if the particularity of the magic is being sufficiently powerful, it may be difficult to erase completely, instead being temporarily suspended.[15]
    • Magic Cancel魔力解除マジックキャンセルMajikku Kyanseru」: A technique that allows the caster to cancel any magic that has been cast on an individual. Merlin typically uses it to cancel the effects of magical items in her own collection.[16]
  • Perfect Cube完璧なる立方体パーフェクト・キューブPāfekuto Kyūbu」: A spell that denies entry to anyone but the caster.[17] Originating from the demon world,[18] the spell surrounds a specified area and reflects all attacks, whether strong or weak, back at the opponent.[19]
  • Magic Seal魔力封じマジックシールMajikku Shīru」: A spell that seals away the magic of the objetive.[20]
  • No Fire炎無効ノーファイアNō Faia; literally meaning "No-effect Flame」: A barrier that nullifies any fire-based attack.[21]
  • No Freeze氷無効ノーフリーズNō Furīzu; literally meaning "No-effect Ice」: A barrier that nullifies any ice-based attack.[22]
  • Four Element - Zero Barrier四大元素フォーエレメント無効の盾ゼロバリアFō Eremento Zero Baria; literally meaning "Four Element - No-effect Barrier"」: A large barrier that nullifies any elemental attack. [23]


  • Power Amplify魔力増幅パワー・アンプリファイPawā Anpurifai」: A spell that allows the caster to amplify the magic of their allies, making their attacks considerably more powerful.[24][25]
  • Shunkan Ido瞬間しゅんかん移動いどうShunkan Idō; literally meaning "Teleportation"」: High-level teleportation magic that allows the caster to appear and disappear at precise locations and teleport groups of people instantaneously.[26] The spell effect radius of Merlin's teleportation is several miles wide,[27] and her teleportation magic was shown to be much faster than that of the Liones Kingdom's greatest magician.[28]
    • Apport物体転移アポートApōto; literally meaning "Object Transition"」: A subsidiary teleportation technique that allows the caster to summon various objects, such as clothes and weapons, to themselves and their allies.[29]
  • Bend Room曲がる空間ベンド・ルームBendo Rūmu; literally meaning "Bending Space"」: The caster traces their hand through the air in a distinct circular motion, changing the trajectory of an attack.[30]


  • Enchantment: Hellblaze付呪エンチャント・「獄炎ヘルブレイズ」, Enchanto: "Herubureizu"」: Generates black flames. The fire can nullify an immortal's regeneration.[31]
  • Enchantment: Resist Fire付呪エンチャント炎の耐性レジストファイヤEnchanto: "Rejisuto Faiya"」: The damage received by the caster from fire-attribute attacks is greatly reduced.
  • Enchantment: Resist Wind付呪エンチャント風の耐性レジストウインドEnchanto: "Rejisuto Windo"」: The damage received by the caster from wind-attribute attacks is greatly reduced.
  • Enchantment: Hard Protection付呪エンチャント防壁膜ハードプロテクションEnchanto: "Hādo Purotekushon」: A protective barrier is formed around the caster, capable of fending off physical attacks.
  • Enchantment: Infinity「無限」符呪エンチャント・インフィニティEnchanto - Infiniti」: Channels an unlimited amount of magical power over a spell, making it to grow and empowering exponentially.[32]
  • Enchantment: Ark付呪エンチャント聖櫃アークEnchanto - Āku」: Infuses Ark into a weapon or attack.[33]


  • Immortality永遠えいえんせいEien no Sei; literally meaning "Eternal Life"」: A curse that revives the victim without fail regardless of the means of death, including suicide or getting killed, no matter how many times they die. It additionally prevents the victim from dying of old age. In exchange for the infinite number of revivals, the victim's emotions are slowly drained into the Purgatory. The only way to dispel the curse is to get a power superior or equal to the King himself or the Supreme Deity. The only known victim of the curse is Meliodas who was cursed by the Supreme Deity.[34]
  • Perpetual Reincarnation永劫えいごう輪廻りんねEigō no Rinne; literally meaning "Perpetual Samsara"」: A durable curse that causes the victim to reincarnate when they die and forget  everything they did in their past lives. If the victim is given enough information regarding their true identity, their original race's traits and fragments of their memories will slowly come back. Once all their memories are restored, the victim will unavoidably die in three days in some way. If used on a Goddess, it causes them to reincarnate as a Druid who retains some latent form of his original power. The only way to dispel the curse is to get a power superior or equal to the King himself or the Supreme Deity. The only known victim is the Goddess Elizabeth who was cursed by the Demon King.[35]
  • Curse Engage呪いの婚約カース・エンゲージKāsu Engēji」: A spell with which the caster creates a contract between two beings to control one of them. By placing a ring on the hand of the victim, this is subject to the spell that causes excruciating pain in their body every time they try to use magic against his " oath keeper" or is the "keeper" says the incantation "Remada". Each time the spell is used, the person affected will be covered by brands that are becoming larger and once these brands cover their entire body, the affected person will die. The victim is unable to ever remove the ring. The only known victim is Vivian who was cursed by Merlin, and her "oath keeper" was Gilthunder. [36]

Incantation Orb

In the case of Incantation Orbs, a different spell is activated by different orbs that are characterized by distinctive symbols representing the spells.

Eternal Seal Spell

Eternal Seal Spell[37]永劫えいごう封印ふういんじゅつEigō Fūinjutsu」 is a spell that is used for purposes related to the trapping and sealing of very powerful individuals. It has enough strength to contain ten Tyrant Dragons, each of whom had the strength to level an entire town singlehandedly. In the Baste Dungeon, the spell was set and designed to be a last-resort move, in case the Weird Fangs could not stop the Seven Deadly Sins from entering the dungeon.[38] Even still, the spell was easily destroyed by Ban and Meliodas's greeting and mere arm wrestling, without any of the Sins even being aware that such spell was activated.[39]

Hyper Recovery Spell

Hyper Recovery Spell[40]ちょう回復かいふくじゅつChō Kaifuku Jutsu」 is a spell that heals and cures injuries of a group of people within a certain range at a extremely fast rate and very efficient. This include regenerating lost limbs and curing minor injuries of numerous organisms within a small range where the Incantation Orb is triggered. It is also capable of dispelling lethal powers, such as Acid.


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