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The Supreme Deity「最高神」 is the ruler and creator of the Goddess Clan and ancestor of the Celestial Clan, as well as the one who granted the Graces to the Four Archangels. She is the mother of the original Elizabeth, and by default her subsequent reincarnations.


The Supreme Deity appears as a slender woman with a curvaceous figure and ten wings in total, and is bigger than any giant in stature. She has pale skin and long white hair, but her face appears as light itself nearly too bright to look at. It can be seen that she has blue lips and the same eye color as her daughter, with the symbol of the Goddess Clan as pupils.

She wears a white dress with a cross symbol in the middle, silver gauntlets on her hands and a halo. Under her halo of light, she visibly has the face of a mature woman similar to Savage Elizabeth.


Like her rival the Demon King, the Supreme Deity is fully devoted to her clan and thus willing to punish any of her subjects should they go against their own laws. Due to her ruling status, she hates being deceived, furiously killing the inhabitants of Belialuin along with the Demon King when Merlin betrayed her and took her gifts without standing at her side.

However, it should be noted that she did not immediately punish Elizabeth despite already being with Meliodas before she saved some of the Ten Commandments, suggesting the Deity was, if even reluctantly willing to tolerate their relationship so long as Meliodas was an ally to the Goddess Clan. While harsh in her judgment and rule in regard to the laws of her Clan, the Supreme Deity is willing to forgive her subjects or at least her child if they redeem themselves in her eyes and abide by the laws of the Clan again, according to Ludociel.

Despite her issues with the Demon King, she has worked with him in the past, notably when they destroyed Belialuin for Merlin's lies, punished Meliodas and Elizabeth for having fallen in love, and sealed their creator Chaos away out of fear and envy.

In Cursed by Light, it is revealed that the Supreme Deity is stoic, unforgiving and ultimately no better than or different from her rival. She states the reasons for committing all her devious acts were to continue the Holy War, with her and the Demon King having always seen it as a game. Oddly enough, she feels as though the war shouldn't have ended and aspires to restart it under the pretense of maintaining balance in the world. She also acts without hesitation or remorse and condescends to those who disagree with her, attacking or killing even her loyal subjects to achieve her goals and calling everyone, including her reincarnated daughter inferior.


The Supreme Deity was created by Chaos along with the Demon King and Sacred Tree after the world was given birth to by it; the Demon King and Supreme Deity were specifically made to oppose each other. The Supreme Deity then created the Celestial Realm and Goddess Clan in her image. However, when Chaos created humans, the race closest to it and its favorite creation, both the Supreme Deity and Demon King were filled with jealousy and apprehension, fearing the love of their own respective races would be stolen by their creator. Thus, the two gods joined together and sealed Chaos away, allowing them to be the most powerful entities in the world.

The Supreme Deity became the ruler of the Goddess Clan and created the Graces from her own power in order to give it to the four strongest of the Goddesses who pledged their loyalty to her, thus forming the Four Archangels. She also had a child named Elizabeth, who inherited part of her power and was on par with the Archangels.

The Supreme Deity's army constantly clashed against the Demon King's, but their forces were too equal in power and thus a fragile treaty was formed despite their opposing natures. However, the peace was unfairly broken by her own subjects, who even slaughtered innocent members of the Demon Clan. Whether she was involved or not, these actions made both rulers fall in rivalry again.

3,000 years ago

After the betrayal of the Ten Commandments' leader and her rival's eldest son Meliodas for his alliance with his lover, her own daughter, and the death of two of the Commandments at the latter's hand during his escape, her clan joined with the humans, Fairy Clan and Giant Clan in order to finally defeat the Demon Clan. These events were known as the Holy War, though the Supreme Deity's feelings towards her daughter's actions are unknown.

Around this time, news of a miraculous human girl from Belialuin who possessed infinite magic soon spread to both the Celestial and Demon Realms, resulting in the Supreme Deity trying to persuade the girl to join forces with the Goddess Clan in help defeating the Demon Clan, along with the Demon King doing the same. When the girl told them she would follow the one who gave her the better gift, the Supreme Deity gave her resistance to dark curses, including the Commandments of the Demon King. However, when the girl deceived them by taking both their blessings, the Supreme Deity and the Demon King in their fury destroyed Belialuin by making it rain fire and lightning and unleashing poison mists and fogs upon the land, completely annihilating Belialuin and its inhabitants.

During the last few days of the Holy War, the Supreme Deity and the Demon King had lost their patience of their children's repeated defiance of the laws of their clan, such as saving the lives of two Commandments in the middle of a war on Elizabeth's case. The former rivals decided to work together, fighting against Meliodas and Elizabeth, effortlessly killing them and cursing them for eternity.[1] The Supreme Deity cursed Meliodas with immortality as his punishment, reviving him every time he died, in exchange for his emotions being consumed more and more by the Demon King until his son would return to be the bloodthirsty demon he once was.

The Supreme Deity was finally sealed away after the Goddess Clan used the Coffin of Eternal Darkness to seal the Demon Clan. However, she continued to observe everything for the next 3,000 years through the eyes of her daughter Elizabeth's reincarnations.


The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed by Light

Several months after the death of the Demon King and the end of the New Holy War, the Supreme Deity awakened from her seal. Determined to restart the Holy War, she took the second Fairy King, Dahlia, and the giant craftsman, Dubs, as pawns. Using Breath of Bless, she brought both of them under her control, causing them to invade the Demon Realm and send an army of fairies and giants to destroy the Seven Deadly Sins and their allies. At the same time, the Supreme Deity brainwashed the resurrected members of the Goddess Clan, forcing them to attack Mael and those who ended the Holy War.

The Supreme Deity would finally appear in the midst of the battle raging in Liones. When she is questioned about her motives, the Supreme Deity states that the Holy War should never end.

When her army of Goddesses begins to be outnumbered, she unleashes her Shinrai on everyone present, including her allies. The present members of the Seven Deadly Sins confront her with several of their techniques, but they are rendered useless both by her immunity to physical attacks and by her ability to neutralize the magic of the Sacred Tree that King employs. After throwing another Shinrai at them, Ban who manages to resist it attacks her with the remains of her attack, although she claims that her own power of light cannot but scratch her. When the Sins stand firm before her, the Supreme Deity decides to eliminate them with all her power. However, Meliodas arrives and uses Full Counter to return her attack.

After showing her fury at Meliodas for seducing Elizabeth and ruining the Holy War, the Supreme Deity is held back by Zeldris, allowing Meliodas to attack her, leading her to claim that he wants to kill her lover's mother just as he killed his own father. Elizabeth then confronts her by demanding that she leave her and declaring that there was never love between the two, warning her to confront her if she continues to hurt those she loves.

The Supreme Deity claims that neither understands that the eternal conflict to which the Demon and Goddess Clan were bound by the Holy War was necessary to maintain balance in the world. When Elizabeth asks why, Meliodas says that from the Demon King's memories he knows that both gods were created with the mission of continuing an eternal conflict and that for them the Holy War is nothing more than a game. The Supreme Deity says that an inferior being cannot have an opinion on the intentions of a god and that she must destroy them all for the Holy War to start again.

During her final confrontation with Meliodas and Zeldris, she is finally overcome by their joint efforts. As she fades away, she berates them that by destroying the balance of the world they will create an era of chaos, but the brothers claim that no matter that kind of era comes, they will decide their future for themselves. Thus, the two use their Combined Technique: Tyrant Killing to destroy the Supreme Deity.

Abilities and Equipment

As the creator and ruler of the Goddess Clan, the Supreme Deity is terrifyingly powerful, being the most powerful goddess in existence. A testament to her immense strength is having ten wings that further indicates her power is far above all other goddesses, as the second most was 6 wings seen briefly when Mael was in possession of four Commandments.

According to Meliodas, she is the only known being who is equal in power to the Demon King. As Meliodas stated only herself or the Demon King or someone as powerful or superior to them in power can lift the curses that he and Elizabeth were cursed with, showing further testament to her immense power. While she rarely fights, the Supreme Deity's might in battle is terrifying, as evidenced by her ability to easily overpower and kill Meliodas in the Holy War of which Meliodas claims that he was utterly powerless to fight back against Elizabeth's mother.

Despite her godliness and immense strength, her power isn't absolute as she is surpassed by Chaos, who created her alongside the Demon King and the Sacred Tree after the world was created. It took her power combined with the Demon King, her archenemy and equal in power, just to seal away their creator, which suggests her power is nowhere near her creator's own.


  • Ark聖櫃アークĀku; literally meaning "Holy Chest"」: An archetypal magic technique of the Goddess Clan that creates light particles.[2]
  • Unknown Power: The Supreme Deity possess a magic power that makes her invulnerable to physical attacks. It is like an opposite form of the Demon King's power.
  • Breath of Bless祝福の息吹ブレス・オブ・ブレスBuresu Obu Buresu」: A spell that only a high-ranking Goddess could use. The user gathers light in their palm to create some kind of symbol and blowing it over their desired target, with those affected get a magic power boost. This technique is called Cheat Hopeペテンの光チートホープChīto Hōpu; literally "Scam Light"」 because it is also a brainwashing spell that turns the targets into fanatical zealots with no regard of their injuries and keep on fighting until they are broken and dead.[3]
  • Shinrai神雷しんらいShinrai; lit. "God Thunder"」: A spell that brings forth tremendous lightning burst fall from the sky. Its power is such that not even Chastiefol's Pollen Garden and Gideon's Lightning Rod were able to completely stop it.[4]
  • Divine Power of Ten WingsじゅうよくれいJūyoku no Reii」: The Supreme Deity can absorb energy similar to her own power like the Sacred Tree's power when King used Sunflower on her, where she easily absorbed the attack while taking some minor damage.[5]
  • Grace「恩寵, Onchō」: The Supreme Deity can create a set of the ability which enhances the power to those she sees fit while giving them an additional power related to nature. However, it cannot be given to humans as it would rip their body apart, immediately or not.
  • Dark Curse Immunity: This negation spell grants immunity to any type of dark curses, including even the Demon King's Commandments. It was used on Merlin and all of the Four Archangels.
  • Curses: The Supreme Deity is exceptionally accomplished in the use of curses, being capable of developing and casting highly unique yet powerful and durable spells.
    • Immortality永遠えいえんせいEien no Sei; literally meaning "Eternal Life"」: A curse that revives the victim without fail regardless of the means of death, including suicide or getting killed, no matter how many times they die. It additionally prevents the victim from dying of old age. In exchange for the infinite number of revivals, the victim's emotions are slowly drained to nourish the user. The only way to dispel the curse is to get a power equivalent to the Demon King or the Supreme Deity herself, if not superior. The only known victim of the curse is Meliodas.[6]
  • Flight: As a goddess, the Supreme Deity possesses wings for flight. She has the most amount of pairs by far.
  • Power of Creation: The Supreme Deity created both her own dimension separate from the main world, the Celestial Realm and the immensely powerful Goddess race on her own using her own raw power, further giving credence to her godly power
  • Vision: The Supreme Deity claimed to see everything through the eyes of Elizabeth during her 3,000 year lasting seal.[7]


Goddess Clan


Elizabeth is the daughter of the Supreme Deity, inheriting part of her power and often supporting her Archangels. However, their relationship was a strict, unloving one as her mother only begotten her for her succession to the throne of the Celestial Realm and held no concern for her daughter's wellbeing. Their relationship ultimately became strained as Elizabeth fell in love with Meliodas, the eldest son of the Demon King, and the two rebelled against their parents in an effort to end the Holy War peacefully. However, their relationship grew bad enough when Elizabeth saved the lives of two Commandments in the middle of the Holy War, making the Supreme Deity incredibly furious and had no qualms on personally killing and cursing her daughter as punishment for her actions.

Despite constantly forgetting their past, her mother's actions evidently made Elizabeth resent her greatly, making their strained and antagonistic relationship mutual. However, Ludociel has said that the Supreme Deity might revoke her curse of Perpetual Reincarnation if the current incarnation should side with the Goddess Clan, implying that she still to an extent considers Elizabeth her daughter and would welcome her back should she forsake Melodias, return to the Clan and follow their laws again. However, Elizabeth would forsake her mother after becoming freed of her curse by Meliodas ; the latter calling her an inferior being as she attempted to destroy her daughter.

Demon Clan

Demon King

Despite being mutual enemies as leaders of opposing clans, they are ultimately cooperative for the sake of continuing the Holy War as it was necessary for their roles to maintain the balance of the world; though the conflict itself was nothing more than a game to them. As such they worked together to seal away their progenitor Chaos, and later, punish their children during the Holy War for their defiance and attempts to end the fighting peacefully, and when they destroyed Belialuin together when they were deceived by one of its inhabitants.


Though she is not fond of him, especially since he is not only the son of her arch-rival but the demonic love interest of her daughter, the Supreme Deity has been shown not to have a special hate for Meliodas as she does with other demons including the Demon King but seeing as how she was willing to accept him on her side of the Holy War and tolerate his relationship with her daughter prior to them saving Monspeet and Derieri. It shows that at most she simply has an enormous dislike to him for being her sworn enemy's son and causing her daughter to stray from her strict teachings.


Though her relationship with her creator is never shown, it is known that she was afraid that the love and worship her creations, the Goddesses, devoted to her would be stolen away by her own creator. She was scared enough of it that she was willing to work with the Demon King, despite being mutual enemies, to seal away their own creator in order to allow them to be known and revered as the most powerful entities in the world.


Memories of the Holy War arc

  • Meliodas & Elizabeth vs. Demon King & Supreme Deity: Win

Cursed by Light

  • Seven Deadly Sins vs. Supreme Deity: Indecisive
  • Meliodas, Zeldris, Elizabeth Liones & Gelda vs. Supreme Deity: Lose


  • She is mostly based off God himself from Christianity despite God being a male


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