The Supreme Deity最高神」 is the ruler of the Goddess Clan, as well as the one who granted the Graces to the Four Archangels. She also is the mother of the original Elizabeth.


She is a slender woman with ten wings in total, equal to or bigger than a giant in stature. She has pale skin and long light hair, but her face appears obscured by a bright light.

She wears a white dress with a cross symbol in the middle, some type of gauntlet on her hands, and a halo.


Like the Demon King, the Supreme Deity is fully devoted to her clan and thus is fully willing to punish any of her subjects should they go against the laws, including her own daughter. Due to her ruling status, she hates being deceived, furiously killing the inhabitants of Belialuin along with the Demon King when Merlin betrayed her and took her gift without putting at her side.

It is unknown if her clan's gentle attitude in general except for demons comes from the Supreme Deity or not, but she was willing to cooperate with the rest of the clans to defeat them. It should also be noted that she did not immediately punish Elizabeth despite her already being with Meliodas before she saved the Commandments, suggesting the Deity was, even if reluctantly, willing to tolerate their relationship as long as Meliodas was an ally to the Goddess Clan. While harsh in her judgment and rule in regard to the laws of the Goddess Clan, the Supreme Deity is willing to forgive her subjects or at least her child if they redeem themselves and abide to the laws of the clan again, according to Ludociel.


Little of the Supreme Deity's background is known, except she is ruler of the Goddess Clan and created the Four Graces from her own power in order to gave it to a group of goddesses, thus forming the Four Archangels. She also had a child named Elizabeth, who inherited part of her power.

The Supreme Deity's army constantly clashed against the Demon King's, but their forces were too equal and thus decided to have a treaty of peace the despite their opposite natures. However, the peace was unfairly broken by her own subjects, who damaged even the civilians from the Demon Clan. Whether she was involved in this case or not, these actions made both rulers fall in rivalry again.

3,000 years agoEdit

After the betrayal of the leader of the Commadments Meliodas for his alliance with his lover, her own daughter Elizabeth, and the death of two of the Ten Commandments at the latter's hand during his escape, her clan instigated with the humansFairy and Giant Clan in order to finally defeat the Demon Clan. These events were known as the Holy War, though the Supreme Deity's feelings towards her daughter's actions are unknown.

For this time, the news of a miraculous girl from Belialuin who possessed infinite magic soon spread, so the Supreme Deity neglected her at the same time as the Demon King with the intention of putting her on her side.  When the girl told them she would follow the one who gave her the best blessing, the Supreme Deity gave her resistance to dark curses, including the commandments of the Demon King. However, when the girl deceived them by taking their blessings, the Supreme Deity and the Demon King destroyed Belialuin in their fury. 

During the last few days of the Holy War, the Supreme Deity and the Demon King had lost their patience of their children's repeated defiance of the laws of their clan, such as saving the lives of two Commadments in the middle of a war on Elizabeth's case. The former rivals decided to work together, fighting against Meliodas and Elizabeth, effortlessly killing them and cursing them for eternity.[1] The Supreme Deity cursed her daughter Elizabeth with perpetual reincarnation as her punishment, forcing her to live human lives in which she would always reunite with Meliodas and die before him again.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

As their ruler, the Supreme Deity is terrifyingly powerful, being the most powerful goddess currently alive. A testament to her immense strength is having ten wings that further indicates her strength is far above all other goddesses. According to Meliodas, she is the only known character equally powerful as the Demon King himself as only one who has power equivalent to either of them, if not superior, can lift his and Elizabeth's curses. While she rarely fights, the Supreme Deity's might in battle is terrifying, as evidenced by her ability to easily overpower and kill Elizabeth in the Holy War of which Meliodas claims that Elizabeth was utterly powerless before her mother.


Main article: Grace
  • Grace恩寵 Onchō」: The Supreme Deity can create a set of ability which enhances the power to those she sees fit while giving them an additional power related to nature. However, it cannot be given to humans as it would rip their body apart, whatever immediately or not. It could be inferred that just like the Demon King's Commandments, the graces are fractions of the Deity's power.
    • Nature Manipulation: The control over the elements, being powerful enough to cause a fog of death along with fire and lightning capable of killing all Belialuin's inhabitants of along with the Demon King.
  • Dark Curses Immunity: This negation spell grants immunity to any type of dark curses, including even the Demon King's Commandments. It was used on Merlin and all the Four Archangels.
  • Perpetual Reincarnation: A durable curse that causes the victim to reincarnate when they die and forget  everything they did in their past lives. If the victim is given enough information regarding their true identity, their original race's traits and fragments of their memories will slowly come back. Once all their memories are restored, the victim will unavoidably die in three days in some way. If used on a Goddess, it causes them to reincarnate as a human but retaining some of their original power. The only known victim is the Goddess Elizabeth and the only way to remove the curse is to get a power equivalent to the Supreme Deity or the Demon King, if not superior.[2]
  • Flight: As a goddess, the Supreme Deity possesses wings for flight. She has the most amount of pairs by far.


Goddess ClanEdit


Elizabeth is the daughter of the Supreme Deity, inheriting part of her power and often supporting her Archangels. Most of their relationship is unknown, such as her reaction to Meliodas' betrayal to his clan for her daughter, but not interfered with their relationship for a considerable length of time, so it can be assumed that she even if reluctantly, allowed her daughter to be with Meliodas after he became an ally of the Goddess Clan in the War. However, their relationship grew bad enough when Elizabeth saved the lives of two Commadments in the middle of a war, making the Supreme Deity incredibly furious and had no qualms on personally killing and cursing her daughter as punishment for her actions.

Despite constantly forgetting their past, her mother's actions evidently made Elizabeth resent her greatly, making their strained and antagonistic relationship mutual. However, Ludociel has said that the Supreme Deity might revoke the curse if the current incarnation should side with the Goddess Clan, implying that she still to an extent considers Elizabeth her daughter and would welcome her back should she return to the Clan and follow their laws again.

Demon ClanEdit

Demon KingEdit

Despite being mutual enemies from being the leaders of opposing clans, the Supreme Deity teamed up with the Demon King to punish their children during the Holy War for their continued defiance to the laws of their respective clans, showing they are capable of working together when the situation truly calls for it.


Merlin Edit

At some point 3,000 years ago, the Supreme Deity found out about Merlin's Infinity ability and wanted it for the Goddess Clan, even blessing her as a pact. The young mage betrayed her though, so the furious Supreme Deity tried to kill her with the rest of her people by covering Belialuin with a fog of death, but Merlin easily escaped with the gifts she had received.


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