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Talisker「タリスカー」 is a Holy Knight serving King Arthur Pendragon of Camelot. He is an associate of Ironside and Pellegarde who like the former, is focused on finding and eliminating the Four Knights of the Apocalypse.


Talisker wears amber armor.

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Full Appearance


Befitting his look, Talisker is a cruel and deceitful Holy Knight. He openly discarded the lives of Fairies and Giants to Ordo, and went back on his word when mutating the man. Talisker has also been shown to be rather sadistic, wanting Ordo to destroy Echo Gorge and see Nasiens and Dolores suffer. Talisker is rather confident in his abilities, betting Percival and Nasiens couldn't land a hit on him in favor of information.


One day, Talisker confronted Ordo, and warned him to stop helping other clans and focus solely on humans, however, Ordo refused. Seeing this as a betrayal to Arthur Pendragon's ideals, Talisker punished Ordo by turning him into a horrible monster with the sole purpouse of destroying Echo Gorge.


Echo Gorge arc

When his fairy puppet is destroyed by an arrow, Talisker reveals himself as the one controlling Ordo, saying that he saying he prefers to look behind the scenes but everyone present is giving him too much trouble. Nasiens demands that he tell him why he did that to Ordo, to which Talisker says only if he manages to defeat him. Nasiens immediately prepares to fight by infusing his weapons with poison, a skill that impresses Talisker. Talisker then summons a hailstorm from which Nasiens is saved by Percival. However, Nasiens takes a heavy hit from Ordo. Although Percival manages to get in the way and tries to bring him to his senses, Talisker order him to eliminate both. However, a trace of consciousness shows up on Ordo, so Talisker choses to eliminate everyone with another hailstorm that Percival stops by injuring himself, to which Talisker calls him crazy.

When Percivla suddenly unleashes her magic, Talisker is confused by such energy that he has never seen before. He then launches another Hail Impact, however, Percival's aura catches and attacks him back. When Percival confronts him by saying to beat him up to bring Ordo back to normal, Talisker berates him for returning his words by proceeding to attack him with his ax. Percival manages to dodge it and creates a large hand with his aura and crushes Talisker with it.

Percival demands that he tell him why he turned Ordo into a monster, and Talisker tells him the whole story before breaking free of his aura. Percival berates him for playing with the hearts of Ordo and Nasiens for such a stupid reason, to which Talisker says that a child would never understand the ideas of a great man like their king.

Talisker then uses Riot Piercer, but his lightning is absorbed by Percival's aura and turned into his own enchantment. Wondering who could be that child with such incredible magic, Talisker deduces that it must be one of the Four Knights of the Apocalypse. After dodging Percival's attack by taking flight, Talisker unleashes his Calamity Bird pleased to be able to eliminate one of the prophesied threats against Arthur. However, Percival creates a great sword with his magic which destroys Talisker's attack and blasts him against the ravine. Upon being defeated, Talisker is terrified that he finds four monsters just like Percival.



  • Calamity天災カラミティKaramiti」: Talisker is able to control the weather, like summoning a hailstorm or lightning.


Talisker wields a long-staffed axe. He also possessed a Chaos Staff delivered by Arthur Pendragon.



  • Like many of the Camelot Holy Knights, Talisker is named after the Talisker distillery, an island single malt Scotch whisky distillery based in Carbost, Scotland on the Minginish Peninsula on the Isle of Skye, founded in 1830.



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