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Tempest暴風テンペストTenpesuto」 is the power of the Great Holy Knight, Howzer. It gives him the ability to form and manipulate the air into violent windstorms.


Howzer's usage of his abilities involves the formation of twisters, most of them medium sized, but very strong[1], with his most powerful being one whose size and magnitude resembles an actual tornado.[2] His winds are sharp enough to tear through clothes and the like to pieces.[3]


  • Rising Tornado「ライジングトルネード, Raijingu Torunēdo」: A signature technique of Howzer's that allows him to create powerful tornadoes around an opponent.[4] The force of the winds are strong enough to tear a target's limbs from their body.[5] He was first shown using this technique to lift his opponent into the air by firing off the tornadoes in a volley of punches after forming them around his arms.[6]
  • Whirl Shock「ワール・ショック, Wāru Shokku」: Howzer gathers the air around him and forms it into a formidable, disc-like whirlwind with the appearance of a tornado that has been flattened and turned on its side.[7] In addition to firing the disc directly into an opponent, the razor sharp winds can be used to cut through objects[8] or, if pierced with Howzer's lance, created from within to rupture the opponent's body.[9]
  • Super Cyclone「スーパーサイクロン, Sūpā Saikuron」: After digging his hands into the ground to avoid being blown away, the wind around Howzer begins to gather and forms into an enormous cyclone. Howzer calls this his "strongest storm", as the winds are so powerful any who dare resist them would be torn apart by the centrifugal force. Breathing becomes difficult inside the cyclone and debris is sucked into it, further increasing its destructiveness.[10]
  • Breakthrough貫突ブレイクスルーBureikusurū; literally meaning "Charge"」: Howzer concentrates his power into a single point at the tip of his weapon, forming a condensed wind sphere that he can fire to pierce through an opponent. The technique was developed during Howzer's time at the druid's "Cave of Training" and utilizes a sword stance he learnt from Dreyfus during his childhood.[11]
  • Quick Wind「クイックウインド, Kuikku Uindo」: Howzer catches his target in a vortex of wind at high speed.[12]
  • Crazy Wind乱気流クレイジー・ウインドKureijī Uindo」: Howzer creates a whirlwind whose wind swings in different directions.[13]

Combined Techniques

  • Combined Technique: Dragon Castle「合技 雷竜の城ドラゴンキャッスルGōgi "Doragon Kyassuru"; literally meaning "Castle of the Thunder Dragon"」: Gilthunder uses his Raitei no Shukusei technique to engulf a target in lightning as Howzer forms a savage tornado with his Rising Tornado technique. The union of their attacks creates a devastatingly powerful black tornado that leaves a ruinous trail in its wake.[14]
  • Combined Technique: Bomb Cyclone「合技 ボム・サイクロン, Gōgi "Bomu Saikuron"」: Howzer uses his Rising Tornado technique to create a highly condensed twister that has been constricted to its utmost limit as Guila fires multiple flares into it with her Shot Bomb technique. The resultant attack creates a powerful, explosive cyclone that devastates any unlucky enough to be caught within.[15]
  • Combined Technique: Quick Rolling Ham Attack「合技 クイックローリングハム・アタック, Gōgi "Kuikku Rōringu Hamu Atakku"」: Using the draft from Howzer's Quick Wind, Hawk spins his body rapidly to gain momentum and tackle the enemy.[16]
  • Trinity Attack: Hexagonal Graveyard三位一体合技トリニティアタック六角の暮場ヘキサゴナルグレイブヤードToriniti Atakku: Hekisagonaru Gureibuyādo; literally meaning "Triple Combined Technique: Hexagonal Graveyard"」: A triple combined attack in which Griamore traps the opponent in a six-walled cage while Howzer and Gilthunder unleash an electric tornado on them. [17]
  • Combined Technique: Spider Net Crash「合技 蜘蛛の巣の崩壊スパイダーネットクラッシュGōgi "Supaidā Netto Kurasshu"」: Howzer's Crazy Wind and Gilthunder's Raitei no Tettsui combines causing the lightning to be dispersed by the rippling wind, thus increasing its range of effect.[18]


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