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Seven Deadly Sins: Hikari to Yami no Grand Cross「七つの大罪 光と闇の交戦グランドクロスNanatsu no Taizai: Hikari to Yami no Gurando Kurosu; literally meaning "Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross of Light and Darkness"」 is a mobile game, based on the manga and anime series Nanatsu no Taizai, developed by Netmarble for iOS and Android devices.


The units follow the traditional gacha character system, their basic stats and, commonly, utility are based on their basic rarity, being R, SR, and SSR units. R units can evolve into SR ones, but their basic stats won't be as high as a base SR unit, the same logic applies to R and SR units evolving into SSR ones.

The units can reach their max potential after evolving into the UR rarity, however, their potential can be amplified even further beyond using demon materials such as the Red Demon horns, the Gray Demon wings, the Demonic Beast Howlex ears and the Demonic Beast Bellmoth cores.

  • "Beard of the Mountain Cat" Member Alioni
  • "Weird Fang" Holy Knight Golgius
  • "Roar s of Dawn" Holy Knight Hugo
  • "Weird Fang" Holy Knight Jude
  • "Boom Boom Pow" Holy Knight Marmas
  • "Weird Fangs" Holy Knight Ruin
  • "Dawn Roar" Holy Knight Simon
  • "Vaizel Fighting Festival" Champion Taizoo
  • "Conclusion" Apprentice Holy Knight Twigo

  • "Pleiades of the Azure Sky" Holy Knight Arden
  • "King of Prophecies" Adventurer Arthur
  • "Undead" Prisoner Ban
  • "Burning Flame" Knight of Danafor Cain
  • "Heart of the Land" Mercenary Diane
  • "Pleiades of the Azure Sky" Holy Knight Dogedo
  • "Break" Grandmaster Dreyfus
  • "Omen of Chaos" Grandmaster Dreyfus
  • "Boar Hat Tavern" Hostess Elizabeth
  • "Mascot" Hawk & Elizabeth
  • "Mobile Tavern" Hawk & Elizabeth
  • "Cadet Corps" Eren Jaeger
  • "Weird Fangs" Holy Knight Friesia
  • "Chivalrous" Holy Kinght Gilthunder
  • "Star of the Kingdom" Holy Kinght Gilthunder
  • "Wanted Man" Young Villager Gowther
  • "Adventurer" Ranger Griamore
  • "Champion" Ranger Griamore
  • "Rapier" Holy Kinght Guila
  • "Knight of Ice" Holy Kinght Gustaf
  • "Omen of Chaos" Druid Hendrickson
  • "Liones Royality" Ranger Howzer
  • "Star of the Kingdom" Ranger Howzer
  • "Adventurer" Holy Knight Jericho
  • "New Generation" Holy Knight Jericho
  • "Roars of Dawn" Holy Knight Jillian
  • "Boar Hat Tavern" Master Meliodas
  • "Slime" Rimuru Tempest
  • "Dawn Roar" Captain Slader
  • "Reincarnation of Obssesion" Mage Vivian
  • "Pleiades of the Azure Sky" Holy Knight Waillo
  • "Dawn Roar" Holy Knight Weinheidt

  • "Chosen King" Excalibur Arthur
  • "Camelot's Sword" New King Arthur
  • "Destined Heir" New King Arthur
  • "Light of Hope" New King Arthur
  • "KOF '98" Athena Asamiya
  • "Ale Collector" Adventurer Ban
  • "Nunchaku" Adventurer Ban
  • "The Fox Sin of Greed" Adventurer Ban
  • "Outlaw" Brawler Ban
  • "Ragnarok" Brawler Ban
  • "Snatch" Brawler Ban
  • "Immortal's Return" Purgatory Ban
  • "Re:ZERO" The Caretaker of the Forbidden Library Beatrice
  • "Six Knights of Black" Captain Bellion
  • "Kijin" Benimaru
  • "Guardian of Battlefield" Princess Brunhild
  • "Executor of Darkness" Guardian Deity Camila
  • "Pacifier Fiend" Magician Chandler
  • "Napping Reaper" Dual Swordsman Cusack
  • "Pleiades of the Azure Sky" Holy Knight Deathpierce
  • "Pleiades of the Azure Sky" Holy Knight Deldry
  • "Pleiades of the Azure Sky" Captain Denzel
  • "Elite Demon" Derieri of Purity
  • "Sweet Temptation" Derieri of Purity
  • "The Ten Commandments" Derieri of Purity
  • "Ragnarok" Blessing of Earth Diane
  • "Creation" Fighter Diane
  • "Kungfu Master" Fighter Diane
  • "Matrona" Fighter Diane
  • "Eternal Promise" Holy Knight Diane
  • "The Serpent Sin of Envy" Holy Knight Diane
  • "The Seven Deadly Sins" Holy Knight Diane
  • "Waves of the Earth" Queen Diane
  • "Halloween" Protective Heart Diane
  • "Elite Demon" Drole of Patience
  • "The Ten Commandaments" Drole of Patience
  • "Ocean Empress" Eastin of Authority
  • "Oceanic Harmonizer" Noblesse Eastin
  • "Sunny Vacation" Noblesse Eastin
  • "Ruler of Stormy Seas" Noblesse Eastin
  • "Fairy of Blessing" Golden Wings Elaine
  • "Scent of Spring" Golden Wings Elaine
  • "Fairy King's Forest" Guardian Elaine
  • "Halloween" Guardian Elaine
  • "Sweet Temptation" Guardian Elaine
  • "Stranger Things" Eleven
  • "Holy Warrior" Goddess Elizabeth
  • "Liones" Princess Elizabeth
  • "A New Adventure" Princess Elizabeth
  • "New Legend" Princess Elizabeth
  • "Sky Temple Protector" Celestial Ellatt
  • "Wings of the Sky" Celestial Ellatt
  • "Re:ZERO" Ruler Candidate Emilia
  • "Titan Form" Eren Jaeger
  • "The Lion Sin of Pride" Holy Knight Escanor
  • "Sunshine" Holy Knight Escanor
  • "Invincible Avatar" The One Escanor
  • "Elite Demon" Estarossa of Love
  • "The Ten Commandaments" Estarossa of Love
  • "Elite Demon" Fraudrin of Selflessness
  • "The Ten Commandaments" Fraudrin of Selflessness
  • "Elite Demon" Galand of Truth
  • "The Ten Commandaments" Galand of Truth
  • "Three Milennia of Memories" Aide Gerheade
  • "Thunderbolt" Guardian Gilthunder
  • "Elite Demon" Gloxinia of Repose
  • "The Ten Commandaments" Gloxinia of Repose
  • "Restored Emotions" Hijack Gowther
  • "Halloween" Holy Knight Gowther
  • "Liones' Hero" Holy Knight Gowther
  • "The Goat Sin of Lust" Holy Knight Gowther
  • "Iron-wall Knight" Guardian Griamore
  • "Explosion" Guardian Guila
  • "Halloween" Guardian Guila
  • "Guardian King" Fairy King Harlequin
  • "Knighthood of Scraps Disposal" Captain Hawk
  • "Reverse" Guardian Hawk & Elizabeth
  • "Summer Mod" Guardian Hawk & Elizabeth
  • "Royality" Fairy Helbram
  • "Forest Guardian" Fairy Helbram
  • "Reincarnation of Revenge" Fairy Helbram
  • "Cardinal" One-eyed Authority Helbram
  • "Ashen Desire" Demon Hendrickson
  • "Melt" Grandmaster Hendrickson
  • "Knight of the Holy War" Holy Knight Howzer
  • "Tempest" Holy Knight Howzer
  • "KOF '98" Iori Yagami
  • "Sweet Temptation" Druid Jenna
  • "Godspeed Knight" Guardian Jericho
  • "Knight of Freeze" Guardian Jericho
  • "New Legend" Guardian Jericho
  • "Stranger Things" Jim Hopper
  • Snake Calmer" The World Serpent Jormungandr
  • "Forest Guardian" King, the Fairy King
  • "Harlequin" King, the Fairy King
  • "The Grizzly Sin of Sloth" King, the Fairy King
  • "Signs of Maturity" New Wings King
  • "Disaster" Old Fart King
  • Protector of Dolls" Old Fart King
  • "The Seven Deadly Sins" Old Fart King
  • "KOF '98" Kyo Kusanagi
  • "Greatest Soldier" Levi
  • "Advisor of Destruction" Lilia of Desire
  • "Starry Night's Illusion" Lilia of Desire
  • "Doombringer" Mage Lilia
  • "Mastermind" Mage Lilia
  • "Memory Fragment" Knight of Danafor Liz
  • "Starry Night's Illusion" Knight of Danafor Liz
  • "Advent of Flash" Covenant of Light Ludociel
  • "The Four Archangels" Ludociel of Flash
  • "KOF '98" Mai Shiranui
  • "Earth's Fang" Mercenary Matrona
  • "Halloween" Mercenary Matrona
  • "Guide of Valhalla" Valkyrie Megellda
  • "Elite Demon" Melascula of Faith
  • "Sweet & Scary" Melascula of Faith
  • "Ten Commandaments" Melascula of Faith
  • "Assault Mode" Bersek Meliodas
  • "Halloween" Captain Meliodas
  • "The Seven Deadly Sins" Captain Meliodas
  • "Knight of Wrath" Demon Meliodas
  • "New Legend" Demon Meliodas
  • "The Dragon Sin of Wrath" Demon Meliodas
  • "Ragnarok" Lostvayne Meliodas
  • "Virtual Body Doubles" Lostvayne Meliodas
  • "Holy Warrior" Traitor Meliodas
  • "Collector" Great Mage Merlin
  • "Infinity" Great Mage Merlin
  • "The Boar Sin of Gluttony" Great Mage Merlin
  • "Divine Protection" Merlin, the Daughter of Belialuin
  • "Ragnarok" Truthseeker Merlin
  • "Seaside Lady" Truthseeker Merlin
  • "Greatest Soldier" Mikasa Ackerman
  • "Stranger Things" Mike Wheeler
  • "Tyrant of Destruction" Milim Nava
  • "Advisor of Destruction" Human Weapon Mono
  • "Blade in the Dark" Human Weapon Mono
  • "Shepherd of Death" Human Weapon Mono
  • "Elite Demon" Monspeet of Retience
  • "The Ten Commandaments" Monspeet of Retience
  • "Swift Sword" Foreign Swordsman Nanashi
  • "Awesome Party" Oslo & Hawk
  • "Knighthood of Scraps Disposal" Oslo & Hawk
  • "KOF '98" Omega Rugal
  • "Re:ZERO" Twin Maid Ram
  • "Re:ZERO" Twin Maid Rem
  • "Octagram" Demon Lord Rimuru Tempest
  • "Ruler of Monsters" Rimuru Tempest
  • "Halloween" Queen of Explosions Roxy
  • "Mad Destroyer" Queen of Explosions Roxy
  • "Midsummer Sun" Queen of Explosions Roxy
  • "Advent of Tornado" Covenant of Light Sariel
  • "The Four Archangels" Sariel of Tornado
  • "Dungeon Raider" Gamer Shin
  • "Halloween" Gamer Shin
  • "Kijin" Shuna
  • "Owner of Gram" Crowned Prince Sigurd
  • "Tundra Hunter" Giant Skadi
  • "Halloween" Hunter Slader
  • "Overpower" Hunter Slader
  • "The Four Archangels" Tarmiel of Ocean
  • "KOF '98" Terry Bogard
  • "Warrior of Justice" Wanderer Thonar
  • "Magic Weapon MK-II" Valenty of Obsession
  • "Earthshaker" Weapon Researcher Valenty
  • "Sunny Vacation" Weapon Researcher Valenty
  • "Stranger Things" Will Byers
  • "Sweet Temptation" Druid Zaneri
  • "Reincarnation of Conviction" Grandmaster Zaratras
  • "Demon King's Deputy" Executioner Zeldris
  • "Elite Demon" Zeldris of Piety
  • "The Ten Commandaments" Zeldris of Piety

    • Units in bold are special units only available for a limited time.
    • Units in red belong to the Strength attribute.
    • Units in blue belong to the Speed attribute.
    • Units in green belong to the Health attribute.
    • Units in purple belong to the Dark attribute.


    The battles are a card-based combat format, the player can choose three unities and a support to battle, it also can use one unit borrowed of other player. In battle, the player has to choose three of the several skills of their warriors to attack the foe, such as cause damage, apply a negative status the enemies, boost or heal your allies or just combine cards in order to use a more powerful attack, and then, when the Ult Gauge is completed, the unit can use its Ultimate Move.

    They also follow a rock paper scissors logic where certain attributes have a advantage over another which increases to enemy with disadvantage and decrease damage taken from said attribute. There are five attributes so far in the game: Speed, Attack, Health, Darkness and Light. Speed has an advantage over Attack, but disadvantage against Health; Attack has an advantage over Health, but disadvantage against Speed; Health has an advantage over Speed, but disadvantage against Attack. Darkness has advantage over all other attributes except for Darkness and Light attributes and increases damage of other allies dealt to heroes with a attribute advantage and decrease damage from having a attribute advantage. Light attribute is yet to be seen in the game.

    The story mode is based on the anime events in a resumed version, it currently has the full Holy Knights and the Ten Commandments sagas and a portion of the Holy War saga's with further arcs, special events and game's original arcs, and side stories being added in further updates, such as a collaboration with That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime franchise as the first chapters of the Disasters' arc.

    The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross: Ragnarok

    In June 5, 2021, it was revealed a new story that happens between the Revival of The Commandments and Wrath of The Gods entitled The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross: Ragnarok, a new saga created exclusively to the game supervisioned by Nakaba Suzuki himself. It tells the story of The Seven Deadly Sins dragged into the the world of Midgard of Yggdrasil, based on the Norse mythology. There, the group will meet a total of 20 new original characters, such as Sigurd, the prince of Xatenburg, a powerful nation of Midgard; Fenrir, a young Beastmen in a search for his missing father; Thonar, a mysterious warrior of the land; Grimnir, a bard that requested to travel along with the Sins in order to find inspiration for new songs, a Princess and leader named Brunhild who leads her army to protect her kingdom Isenstein, a Valkyrie named Megellda who searches for strong warriors souls to guide to the afterlife, Giant hunter named Skadi who searching for Norse Gods to avenge her dead father Thiazi.


    • So far, the game has made collaborations with the follow franchises:
    • The game presents several errors with some characters' names or when categorizing the characters by species:
      • Jenna and Zaneri are classified as humans, despite being ex-Goddesses and Nanashi is classified as unknown species, despite being a Goddess
        • This is probably due to the fact they were added in the game before Jenna, Zaneri and Nanashi were revealed to be from the Goddess Race
      • On earlier versions of the japanese and korean servers, Merlin and Gowther were classified as Human and Demon, respectively, this was later corrected on later updates with them being now categorized as 'unknown species'.
      • Drole and Gloxinia are classified as Giant and Fairy, respectively, despite being Half-Demons while possessing their Commandments.
      • Eren's Attack Titan form is classified as a Giant, despite being a Titan and the fellow Titans being categorized as 'unknown species'.
      • Ellat is classified as a goddess, despite being a Celestial.
        • This probably due to the fact Celestials are descended from the Goddess race and due to the fact it had to work with the game's mechanics.
      • In some ocidental versions:
        • Slader is mispelled as 'Slater'.
        • Galand is mispelled as 'Galland'.
        • Lilia is mispelled as 'Lillia'.
        • Valenty is mispelled as 'Valenti'



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