The Seven Deadly Sins Original Soundtrack「七つの大罪 オリジナル・サウンドトラック」 is a soundtrack album containing music from the Seven Deadly Sins anime series, composed by Hiroyuki Sawano.

Track listing Edit

  1. Perfect Time
  2. 7角:the1 (The Seven Deadly Sins)
  3. 銅鑼Gong4N (Dragon's Sin)
  4. dEvilGODfamily復活動 (Demon Clan revival)
  5. 世紀4 (The Holy Knights)
  6. YoSay&B→A (Fairy and Ban)
  7. 广2tree02 ネ日|-血 (Blood of Demon)
  8. KAN594 (Prison officer)
  9. Eri0ne$ (Elizabeth Liones)
  10. 駄メ男rIs (Dameoris)
  11. EP←K (Elizabeth PrincessKnights)
  12. Deerン怒&過多6-$ (Diane and Hawk)
  13. mouth×宣華 ○2LI (Fight Festival)
  14. OH92&HrBrM (Kingdom and Helbram)
  15. GR雷 (Gilthunder)
  16. らゲ-sin (Sin of Wrath)
  17. Big罪罪罪罪罪罪罪 (The Seven Deadly Sins)




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