This is a timeline based on the information revealed in the series. The information presented is inferred from dates given in the series and sourced from the official fanbooks.

Historical TimelineEdit

Historical Timeline
Date: ~4400 years ago
Date: 4331 years ago
  • Izraf is born around this time.
Date: ~4200 years ago
Date: 3991 years ago
  • Galand is born around this time.
Date: ~3880 years ago
  • Drole is born around this time.
Date: 3538 years ago
Date: 3524 years ago
  • Mod and Ganne are born around this time.
Date: ~3500 years ago
  • Gowther is bestowed with the Commandment of Selflessness.
  • Gowther is imprisoned and creates a doll that takes over his position as a Commandment.
Date: 3415 years ago
Date: 3377 years ago
Date: 3362 years ago
Date: 3357 years ago
  • Gelda is born around this time.
Date: 3334 years ago
  • Ren is born around this time.
Date: 3262 years ago
Date: 3252 years ago
Date: 3156 years ago
Date: ~3000 years ago
  • The Demon King creates the Ten Commandments picking the ten strongest demons and bestowing each one a respective Commandment.
  • Meliodas reigns as the original leader of the Ten Commandments as the Commandment of Love, but then betrays them for his interest in Elizabeth, and slaughters Aranak and Zeno, two of the original commandments. He later joins Stigma. Estarossa gets his commandment.
  • Gowther vanishes from his position. Fraudrin, a former subordinate, takes over his position.
  • A great ancient war occurs between the Goddess Clan (who ally themselves with the Fairy, Giant, and Human Clan) and the Demon Clan (who ally themselves with the Vampires).
    • Albions were created to serve the Demon Clan.
    • Izraf proposes a rebellion to the Demon Clan, but failed. Zeldris seals the Vampires in Gelda's honor.
    • Archangels kill many Demons, including Derieri's sister, Rajine.
    • The Rebellion kills many Stigma members for revenge.
    • Jenna and Zaneri run away from the war. They borrow the bodies of two twin girls in order to ultimately escape the Goddess Clan.
    • Demon Gowther gives Doll Gowther a "heart".
    • Rou is killed by Gloxinia.
    • Drole and Gloxinia join the Ten Commandments.
    • Gowther changes the memories of Mael and everyone with a forbidden spell, resulting in the end of his life.
    • After Mael is "killed" by Estarossa, the balance of power is broken and the Goddess Clan is forced to take extreme measures.
    • Meliodas is cursed with eternal life by the Supreme Deity that brings him closer to his original self every time he seemingly dies, while Elizabeth is cursed with perpetual reincarnation by the Demon King in which she'll live short lifespans as different human beings and forget her previous lives and she she does remember her previous lives, she'll die shortly afterwards.
    • Eventually, the Holy War results in the Demon Clan being defeated and sealed by the 4 other clans while the Goddess Clan sacrifice their bodies to seal the Demon King.
Date: ~1500 years ago
Date: 1300+ years ago
  • Harlequin (later known as King) is born around this time.
Date: 1000+ years ago
  • Ende is born around this time.
  • Puora is born around this time.
  • Elaine is born around this time.
  • A peace treaty is made between the human kingdoms and the Fairy King's Forest
Date: ~820 years ago
Date: ~766 years ago
Date: ~750 years ago
  • Diane is born around this time.
Date: ~700 years ago
  • The Fairy King, Harlequin, travels to the human world after hearing that his friend Helbram and a group of fairies were captured by a human warrior disguised as a travelling merchant in the Fairy King's Forest. He disappears during the rescue, leaving his sister, Elaine, as the sole guardian of the Fountain of Youth and the Fairy King's Forest - the gateway between the fairy world and the human world.
  • Helbram takes vengeance on Aldrich for ripping out the fairies' wings and kills him. Unable to bear his friends' fate, Helbram kills every human he comes across for the following 500 years.
  • King finds Helbram but is knocked unconscious by his former friend, losing his memory of his life as the Fairy King in the process.
  • Diane, a young giantess, pulls the unconscious Harlequin out of a river. This marks their first meeting.
Date: 200 years ago
  • Harlequin regains his memories only to find out about Helbram's murders for the past 500 years.[1] Their tragic reunion ends with the death of Helbram at the hands of the Fairy King.[2]
  • Harlequin erases Diane's memories and is taken into custody by the Holy Knights for his ignorance and sloth towards the atrocities committed by a member of his clan.[1]
Date: 65 years ago
Date: 60 years ago
Date: 59 years ago
Date: 58 years ago
Date: 51 years ago
Date: 47 years ago
Date: 45+ years ago
  • Nadja Liones died from a heart disease at the age of 16.
  • Gowther is arrested by the Holy Knights and is sentenced to death for his perceived lust after being wrongly accused of forcing Nadja into vile sexual acts, resulting in murder. Gowther throws away his heart.
Date: 43 years ago
Date: 40 years ago
Date: 39 years ago
Date: 35 years ago
Date: 30 years ago
  • Ban gets arrested and meets Zhivago who teaches him how to steal. After a failed theft by Ban, some hunters found Selion, a Werefox that's also Zhivago's son. Zhivago goes to save him, but fails.
  • Slader is born.
Date: 29 years ago
Date: 28 years ago
Date: 27 years ago
  • Dreyfus becomes a Holy Knight and meets Hendrickson. [3]
Date: 23 years ago
Date: 22 years ago
Date: 21 years ago
Date: 20 years ago
  • Ban meets Elaine deep within the Fairy King's Forest while searching for the Fountain of Youth, and the two grow close over the seven days they spend together.[4] Their carefree days come to an end after a demon appears within the forest and burns it to the ground. Ban manages to slay the demon after drinking from the fountain and becoming immortal, but Elaine is killed in the conflict.[1]
  • Ban is arrested by the Holy Knights and sentenced to death for his perceived greed after being wrongly accused of stealing the Fountain of Youth and destroying the Fairy King's Forest.[1]
  • Hendrickson discovers the corpse of the demon in the charred remains of the Fairy King's Forest. He recovers the corpse and begins experimenting with the demon's blood.[5]
Date: 19 years ago
Date: 18 years ago
Date: 16 years ago
  • Liz invades Danafor from an enemy kingdom, but is captured by Danafor's Holy Knights. Their captain, Meliodas, grants her freedom and she joins their ranks.
  • Meliodas obliterates the Kingdom of Danafor from the face of Britannia after his lover, Liz, is killed by Fraudrin. Supposedly having lost himself in wrath, this represents his Sin.
  • Elizabeth Liones is born immediately after the destruction of Danafor.[6] She is later adopted by King Bartra Liones.
  • After being sentenced to death, Ban is executed a total of 33 times, but he survived all of them.
  • Four years into his imprisonment, Meliodas breaks Ban out of his prison cell with a single punch, resulting in the latter being greatly impressed with the former's strength and joining him.
  • Hawk is born in Purgatory. Soon after that, the Demon King kidnaps him and sent him to the outside world.
  • Arthur Pendragon is born.
  • Cath is born.
  • Guila is born.
  • Diane, Matrona, and Dolores are sent by Holy Knights to attack savages. Dumbelbas dies after a battle with Matrona.
  • Meliodas and Diane meet for the first time when Meliodas protects her from a group of knights.
  • Dolores dies from a group of bandits in a mining field.
  • Diane and Matrona arrive at a certain location as recruited by some Holy Knights. However, it was a trick which caused Matrona to be poisoned while also killing 330 Holy Knights including Gannon in the process. This would make Diane known as the Sin of Envy, supposedly killing Matrona due to her superior position. Diane is arrested for these actions falsely placed on her and sentenced to death, but Meliodas thwarts the plan in the name of Bartra Liones.
  • Zalpa treats Matrona's wounds for three days straight, thus saving her life.
Date: 15 years ago
  • The Seven Deadly Sins are formed around this time.
  • Ban goes through a phase of collecting stuffed animals, angering King.
  • Theo is born.
Date: 12 years ago
  • The Kingdom of Edinburgh falls victim to a plague of vampires that sees its entire population wiped out in a single night after the seal on the Vampire clan is broken. The Seven Deadly Sins are sent on a mission to combat the threat at Edinburgh's Maiden castle, killing the last members of the Vampire Clan in the course of which.[7]
  • Ban tries to steal Meliodas' sword, causing the latter to leave a permanent scar on the former's neck.
Date: 11 years ago
  • Meliodas, Ban, King, and Merlin are sent to Istar to take care of a monster sleeping in the Great Druid Altar.
  • Sol is born.
Date: 10 years ago
  • The Great Druid Altar is damaged during the Seven Deadly Sins successful battle against the Troll Queen.[8]
  • Dreyfus and Hendrickson are sent on a mission to investigate the crater left in the wake of Danafor's destruction and find the demon Fraudrin severely injured at the bottom. Fraudrin possesses Dreyfus and brainwashes Hendrickson, setting in motion the events that would lead to the framing of the Seven Deadly Sins and the revival of the Demon Clan.[9]
  • Dreyfus is influenced by Fraudrin to murder his half-brother, the Great Holy Knight Zaratras, with the aid of a corrupted Hendrickson.[10] The murder is framed on the Seven Deadly Sins, who are accused of plotting to overthrow the kingdom.[11] Marked as wanted criminals, they scatter across the country and go into hiding.
  • Diane loses her sacred treasure.
  • Meliodas wakes up sometime after the coup and meets Hawk and his mother.
Date: 8 years ago
  • Helbram's body is bought by Hendrickson after floating around the black market for close to 150 years and he is given new life.[12]
  • King Liones creates Dawn Roar as a new, independent order of knights to replace the Seven Deadly Sins and appoints Slader as their captain.[13]
  • Della is born.
Date: 6 years ago
  • The Weird Fangs are formed without any formal permission from the king.
Date: 5 years ago
  • Ban grows bored without his captain and willingly surrenders himself to the Weird Fangs in an effort to feel more alive.[14]
  • All giants are banned from entering the town of Vaizel after Matrona went wild during the annual fighting festival while drunk.
Date: 3 years ago
  • Griamore is knighted.[15]
Date: 1 year ago
  • Arthur Pendragon pulls the divine sword Excalibur from a stone.
  • Dreyfus and Hendrickson break the peace treaty of Liones and Malachia and win a war against the kingdom.
Date: 1 month ago
  • With his power to see into the future, King Liones predicts the coming of a Holy War. He tries to prevent it from occurring through pacifistic means, making the Holy Knights restless. Dreyfus and Hendrickson, believing that the Holy Knights lack purpose without a cause to fight for, orchestrate a coup and arrest the king. They enforce martial law and the populace are conscripted into forced labor in the name of protecting the kingdom.
  • Elizabeth escapes from the castle in the Kingdom of Liones and begins her journey to find the Seven Deadly Sins in order to stop the Holy Knights.
  • Jude is killed by Ban.
  • Meliodas and Ban destroy Baste Dungeon, resulting in the latter's escape.
  • The Northern Barbarians get killed by Gilthunder and Howzer.
  • Twigo and Jericho drink the Red Demon's blood. Twigo explodes due to being incompatible to the demon's blood.
  • Diane gets Gideon back and the town of Vaizel is destroyed.
  • Dale is killed after Meliodas stabs him to kill the creature that possessed him.
  • King fights the revived Helbram, killing his friend a second and eventually a third time.
  • Hendrickson and Dreyfus are defeated by the Seven Deadly Sins aided by the Holy Knights, ending their regime.
  • Dawn Roar members Jillian, Hugo and Weinheidt are killed by Fraudrin.
  • The Seven Deadly Sins are no longer criminals and Bartra returns to his heir.
  • Merlin gives Hawk Balor's Magical Eye.
  • The Ten Commandments are released from the Coffin of Eternal Darkness by Hendrickson.
  • Gowther uses Lost World on Diane which slowly gives her amnesia, eventually leading to her forgetting her past with the Sins.
  • Merlin gives Meliodas' Lostvayne back to him.
  • Galand petrifies Merlin's body. Before that happens, she transferred her soul to Aldan.
  • Diane runs back to Megadozer and reunites with Matrona.
  • A creature named Cath attaches to Arthur.
  • Griamore deages to a child after being cursed by an Aonan.
  • Meliodas regains his sealed demonic powers.
  • Melascula resurrects the dead; two of them being Elaine and Zaratras.
  • Zhivago dies from old age, but his soul sacrifices itself to protect Ban's.
  • Galand petrifies himself due to going against his word after fearing Escanor.
  • Fraudrin destroys the Pleiades of the Azure Sky's hideout.
  • Zeldris conquers Camelot.
  • Meliodas is killed by Estarossa.
Date: Present
  • The Demon Clan has taken over Britannia causing commoners to attack strong soldiers.
  • Ruin and Friesia die after Fraudrin takes their souls.
  • Marmas dies at the hands of the commoners under Zeldris' commandment.
  • Denzel Liones summons Nerobasta which causes him to give up his life. However, she gets killed by Derieri.
  • Meliodas gets out of Purgatory and returns to the living world.
  • Dogedo dies due to Grayroad's commandment.
  • Merlin lifts Galand's Commandment effect on her body.
  • Grayroad is sealed in a container by Merlin.
  • Fraudrin is forced out of Dreyfus' body by Zaratras.
  • Zaratras dies after fulfilling his duties.
  • Fraudrin is killed by Meliodas.
  • Gustaf dies due to his injuries.
  • Howzer becomes captain of the Holy Knights.
  • Gowther regains his memories.
  • Griamore reverts back to his regular age after Veronica kisses him.[16]
  • Jericho learns Ice magic. [17]
  • Vivian is cursed with Curse Engage by Merlin. [18]
  • King and Diane are attacked by Gloxinia and Drole. Their lives are spared and they are brought 3000 years into the past as a trial in order to learn about their predecessors' motivations of becoming Demons.
  • Diane's memories are given back to her by Gowther (Demon) from the past as a result of the trial.
  • King sprouts his wings as a result of the trial.
  • The Boar Hat gets a new look.
  • Elizabeth Liones regains the memories of all her predecessors, causing her to live for only three more days.
  • Helbram sacrifices himself to appease Corand's grudge.
  • Elaine fully grows a pair of wings after trying to save Ban.
  • Melascula is dried out of miasma by Elizabeth Liones and is put into a container by Merlin.
  • Drole and Gloxinia resign from the Ten Commandments while Cusack and Chandler start to serve under Zeldris.
  • Drole and Gloxinia were killed by Chandler.
  • The Seven Deadly Sins are disbanded.
  • Margaret Liones gets possessed by Ludociel.
  • Elizabeth unofficially becomes the new captain of the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • Stigma forms a pact with the Holy Knights and the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • Galand is killed by Estarossa.
  • Peronia is eaten by Cath.
  • Arthur impales himself with Excalibur while being controlled by Cusack's power.
  • After 3000 years of peace, a new Holy War begins.
  • Monspeet is killed by Estarossa.
  • Everyone regains their memories of Mael.
  • Derieri is killed by Mael.
  • Oslo is killed by Mael.
  • Gowther goes into Mael's soul to save him from the Commandments and succeeds.
  • Cusack and Chandler re-merge to become the Original Demon.
  • Ban revives Elaine back to life, giving up his immortality in the process.
  • Hendrickson expels Ludociel from Margaret’s body.
  • Melascula loses her commandment.
  • The remaining commandments head to Meliodas’s location.
  • Mael get his grace back.
  • Meliodas' body is possessed by the Demon King.
  • The Demon King is driven out from Meliodas' body by the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • Meliodas breaks the curse placed on him and Elizabeth.
  • Meliodas breaks the seal cast on Gelda.
  • Chandler is killed by Cusack.
  • Zeldris' body is possessed by the Demon King.
  • Cusack is killed by the Demon King.
  • The Demon King regenerates Elizabeth's curse.


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