Tornado竜巻たつまき Tatsumaki」 is the Grace possessed by Sariel of the Four Archangels.


This power allows Sariel to control wind similar to Howzer's magical ability Tempest but much stronger. He can produce powerful gusts of wind to slice through or blow people away.[1] Sariel also can use this ability to create a wind-like sphere around him, which he uses for defensive purposes that shreds anything or anyone trying to get close to him into pieces. As a Grace, anything he shreds with this wind can't recover as was seen when Derieri's arm didn't regenerate from being shredded by the blessing.


  • Tsunzaku Kamakazeつんざ鎌風かまかぜ Tsunzaku Kamakaze; literally meaning "Cleaving Sickle Wind"」: Sariel creates a large crescent-shaped wind blade to cut his opponent in half.[2]

Combined TechniquesEdit

  • Enlil no Tenbatsu「エンリルの天罰てんぼつ Enriru no Tenbatsu; literally meaning "Enlil's Divine Punishment"」: Sariel and Tarmiel combine their Graces to create a huge lightning bolt that falls on their opponent between the ocean and a tornado.[3]




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