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Transpork変身トランスポークToransupōku」 is Hawk's inherent power. It gives him the ability to take on the traits of any magical creature he consumes.


Whenever Hawk eats (part or whole) a magical creature, he will gain the same power and traits as the creature, even gaining a similar appearance. The transformation will wear off once Hawk empties his bowels, flushing the source of magic from his body.[1]
With Monster Blocks given by Merlin, Hawk can transform at will without devouring directly magical creatures.


Tyrant Dragon

  • Dragon Breath炎の息ドラゴンブレスDoragon Buresu; literally meaning "Flame Breath"」: Hawk can shoot fire from his nostrils, but often the flames end up burning his own snout.[2]

Gray Demon

  • Dark Snow黒雪ダーク・スノウDāku Sunou; literally meaning "Black Snow"」: Hawk can create and scatter countless flakes of black "snow". Any food that comes in contact with snow will be darkened and rot instantly.



  • In the anime, this ability is slightly renamed as Trans Pork (変身トランス・ポーク, Toransu Pōku).


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