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Tristan Liones「トリスタン・リオネス」 is the son of Meliodas and Elizabeth Liones, the prince of the Kingdom of Liones, and one of the Four Knights of the Apocalypse.


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10-year-old Tristan
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14 years old Tristan

Tristan closely resembles both of his parents. He has the same face and hairstyle as Meliodas, although his hair is long and silver like Elizabeth's. He has heterochromia, his right eye being blue like Elizabeth's and his left green like Meliodas'.

At age 16, he is taller and much more mature, both in appearance and personality, as well as wearing a blue earring closely resembling Elizabeth’s on his right ear.


Tristan is a very energetic and tenacious boy. He expresses no appreciation about the role of prince, instead preferring to defend his kingdom as a Holy Knight.[8]

Despite pretending to be a knight, he holds a great sense of justice and feels the need to protect his kingdom from anything threatening it, including his father and other Sins upon hearing how they were framed years ago yet didn't know how they were framed until learning from Gowther's "story".

After learning about his parent's journey around Britannia and fighting the Ten Commandments, he desires to become the Seven Deadly Sins due to their heroics in saving the land from the Demon King and Cath Palug, showing that he has great respect and admiration for heroes.

During the current events of the Four Knights of Apocalypse, we see that Tristan is a pacifist like his mother. He doesn't tolerate violence and will take action when it's his last resort. He cares for his comrades and others when they're in danger.


Epilogue arc

On his tenth birthday, Tristan heard one of the maids talk about the Seven Deadly Sins meeting in the castle that same night. Ignoring the truth about them and only knowing that they were criminals who were once exiled from the kingdom, Tristan assumes that they intend to take control of Liones. He then runs off to call other children of the kingdom telling them that as a Holy Knight who protects the peace of Liones it is his duty to capture them.

When his friends do not take any of his words seriously, Tristan decides to go to the castle and ambush them on his own. There, he is surprised by Elizabeth who was looking for him, which worries Tristan for having been discovered by the Sins. Meliodas and the Sins introduce themselves, although everyone is friendly with him, Tristan is suspicious stating that he knows they intend to do a coup d'etat. Everyone takes it as him trying to play hero, even Meliodas jokes about acting like a villain to falsely prove his son's suspicion.

Tristan is then taken outside where the entire kingdom has gathered to celebrate his birthday. Although Tristan insists that his father is the leader of some villains, Ban tells him that if so, the people of the kingdom would not admire him the way they do. Tristan sticks to his ideas by highlighting all of his father's bad habits. Gowther then uses his powers to give him a special gift: to show him the true story of the Seven Deadly Sins.[9]

The next day, Tristan goes to a picnic with his parents. After a sword training session with Meliodas, he tells him that his future expands like heaven and that he does not have to become a king, which may be what he decides, even a Holy Knight. Tristan then says that he has already decided: he will be one of the Seven Deadly Sins.


At age 10, Tristan is shown to possess above average combat skills, both barehanded and with a sword. Gowther claims he possesses an impressive Power Level for a boy of his age.[10]

At age 16, his combat abilities seems to have improved greatly. He is also shown to have inherited Goddess powers from his mother and Demon powers from his father, and the ability to manifest them simultaneously.[11]


  • Ark聖櫃アークĀku; literally meaning "Holy Chest"」: An archetypal magic technique of the Goddess Clan that counteracts darkness by disintegrating it with light particles.[12]
  • Flight: Tristan can manifest two pair of Goddess wings to fly.[13]


Tristan uses a pair of blades, one black, one white. It is stated that he also owns several other swords, with his favorite pair named "Mael" and "Estarossa".[14]



Meliodas is Tristan's father. At first Tristan considered him a short, irresponsible and alcoholic person who touches Elizabeth's breast every day, but after witnessing the real story of the Seven Deadly Sins from Gowther, he comes to respect him as a hero and desires to become one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Elizabeth Liones

Tristan is shown to have a close and loving relationship with his mother as he trusts her by confiding in her when he believed his father and the other Sins to be evil traitors.



  • Tristan was one of the more notable members of King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table. He was the son of King Meliodas and his first wife Elizabeth. He is well known for being an excellent archer with his bow Failnaught, and especially for his tragic romance with Iseult.
  • Tristan is ambidextrous.[15]
  • Despite being initially stated by the author that the Nanatsu no Taizai series sequel (Four Knights of the Apocalypse) would be centered around Tristan, as of the initial arc, a new original character was introduced as the main character instead. However, despite not being the protagonist, Tristan is featured within this main group, as well as being a key focus in the both the prophecy and the story as a whole.



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