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The Vaizel Fight Festival「バイゼル喧嘩祭り, Baizeru Kenka Matsuri」 is a fighting competition that occurs annually at the Great Vaizel Rock[1] in Vaizel.


This event allows anyone to test their strength and power by fighting on one-on-one matches and win the prize of "a weapon that cannot be used" and 100 Gold coins.


The tournament has been won by the mountain bandit-turned merchant, Taizoo, thrice.[2]


  • Any, and all kinds of, weapons are forbidden during all battles; every other forms of combat are permitted.[3]
  • The ability to participate is not restricted; participants can include children, tourists, travelers, and even Holy Knights.[4]
  • The final eight participants who have survived the preliminary round will advance to the main tournament.[5]
  • No limit to the amount of participants entering the preliminary round exists.


The competition is held in a fighting rink, which is located on top of the Great Vaizel Rock.[6]


Preliminary Event

The preliminary event consists of a battle royale where participants attempt to push opponents out of the ring and off the arena, until eight participants remain.[7] Competitors are free to battle anybody and avoiding conflict is also a tactic.[8]

Main Tournament

The main tournament consists of one-versus-one match-up battles between the eight competitors who have advanced the preliminary, with the match-ups being decided by drawing lots.[9]

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
V  Matrona (Diane)  
  V  Matrona (Diane)  
  V  Howzer  
     Matrona (Diane)
   Old Fart (King)  
V  Cain Barzad  
   Cain Barzad
  V  Meliodaz  
V  Meliodaz



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