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Valenty「バレンティ」 is an original character made for Grand Cross mobile game. She is a member of the Seven Disasters, representing the Obsession.


Valenty Grand Cross.png
Valenty's initial appearence

Valenty is a short woman with light skin, long black hair tied in two twin tails, dark pink eyes and wear a pair of glasses.

After upgrading her weapons with the magic golem's crystal, Valenty's hair is now tied in a top-knot.


Valenty comes across as chipper and friendly, but is conniving and calculating. Even when fighting or being opposed, she retains a smile and a carefree attitude, and sees adversity as just another issue she has to resolve, taking very few things seriously. She can also be ruthless, not backing down from what she thinks she deserves.

Whenever Valenty is spending some time with her friends or when she overreacts explaining about either her weapons' development or any result of her researchs, she usually demonstrates a more energetic and cheerful persona.


Hailing from another world, Valenty's past is enigmatic. She was forced to live in isolation, developing weapons for an unknown purpose, until being summoned to Britannia by Lilia, who sought to find others who shared her destructive mentality. After escaping from a sudden attack of the Sins, Valenty agreed with the mage's notions to destroy the world, and joined her on her quest. Times later, she temporarily separates from Lilia in order to explore Britannia.

During her travel, Valenty saves a storyteller from some specters and asks him to give her a tour around Brittania in return. He agrees, though she mainly only wants to see some of the most dangerous and evil places in this world. She is horrified when she hears the story behind the Giant Chessboard: an evil king brainwashed his knights to play an eternal game of chess with their own lives, probably due to her past as a prisioner on her laboratory. Despite being disturbed, she asks that the storyteller tell her the darkest and most horrible stories of Brittanina, as she needs them as incentive to destroy the world.

Later, she comes across the crystal mines of Balleno and the residing gnomes ask for her help in defeating a Crystal Golem that is terrorizing them. She agrees and disposes of it, but then demands that the gnomes repay her with thousands of crystals. The gnomes attempt to repay her, but she is so ruthless in her charge that they try to cut the deal off. Valenty decides that she will kill the gnomes to make up for her lost payment, but Diane, King, and Merlin intervene. Valenty then flees into the crystal mine and meets up with Lilia, who teleported to her location after sensing the enormous magic power being used by her friend, and Valenty gives a crystal imbued with magic power to the mage in order to summon a new ally from another world, then energy dispeled by the summoning caused the cave to collapse and the two Disasters are able to escape once more.

While searching with Lilia the reason why the new allies' summoning keeps failing even after Eastin's invocation, the two fall into a trap arranged by Merlin and Lilia gets kidnapped by the Boar Sin. Valenty then runs into Eastin's location for help. When she finally convinces her teammate to help on Lilia's rescue, she presences the Ruler of Seas summoning their brand new teammate, Mono. Valenty then stay behind to distract Merlin while Eastin and Mono invades the space-time prison where Lilia was trapped.

Some time later, after Roxy and Shin are summoned, Valenty started to develop weapons once more in order to help her friends, creating things like a earthquake-causer device and Shin's bracelet.

After Lilia attempted to summon the final member of the Seven Disasters, Valenty intervines on Lilia's battle against the Sins and uses one of her devices to cause a massive earthquake, opening a breach for the Disasters escape with brand new  and final ally, Camila.

Times later, annoyed by Eastin and Roxy constantly fighting at the Timespace Juction and destroying her experiments in the process, Valenty asked for Lilia to assist her on a search for a hideout exclusively for her experiments. The group then go on a mission to find an appropiate location to install their new hideout.

After some failed attempts to install the hideout in the forest, the group arrive at Porto City, which has been terrorized by pirates and, strangely, has been emitting an immense amount of magical energy. While Shin, Roxy and Camila were dealing with the pirates, Valenty, reunites with Lilia, Eastin and Mono ;, encountering the mysterious emitter of magic in the town, a magical golem with the power to absorb magic. In the middle of the battle, Valenty's mechanical arms are damaged and Lilian, worried about her friend's vulnerability, orders her to retreat while she, Eastin and Mono went to look for the others in the pirates' island.

Using the crystal core of the defeated golem, Valenty inlay it on her damaged weapons and awake her weapon's true potential with magic power and rapidly went to rescue her friends at the underwater cave where the mysterious creature resides.

With her new powers, the Weapon Researcher heads to the pirates' island and defeats all the monsters by herself, saving her friends. Valenty later decides to use the subaquatic ambient for her researches for now on and the Disasters install themselves on the island as their new hideout.


Seven Disasters


Being the first friend in her live and the reason she was able to flee the laboratory she was trapped, Valenty deeply cares for Lilia, visible on her concern after the mage was kidnapped by Merlin or when she lost control of her powers.


Valenty and Shin appears to be good friends, as he is the only of the Disasters to manifest an actual curiosity about Valenty's researches and weapon's development. Valenty seems to care about him as well, as she attempted to calm him down when Shin woke up hysterical after having a nightmare about his deceased brother.

Seven Deadly Sins


Being the first "abnormal" being she met in Britannia, Valenty holds some grudge with Diane, as she cannot believe that someone can be huge and "cute" at the same time as well as considering her an enemy due to interfering on Lilia's plans. However, Diane made Valenty develop an interest on manipulate her own height.

Abilities and Equipment

She is extremely intelligent, being described as a genius scientist, and her immense intellect was the reason she was forced to live in isolation developing weapons for her original kingdom. She's also great battle strategist, as she managed to hold King, Diane, Ban and Merlin by herself on the caves of Balleno despite being on clear disadvantage.

Also, according to Lilia, due to her cross between worlds, Valenty also developed a powerful earth-based magic that allows her to cause high-scale earthquakes.


  • Mechanic Arms: Her main battle device, two giant mechanical arms she can control via telepathy. Aside from causing immense physical damage, it can also generates electric blasts.
  • Satellite Cannon: A device she developed to aid Shin, a magic cannon which the Dungeon Cheater can blast his opponents from the atmosphere.
  • Earthquake-causer device: A machine she can use to cause a strong earthquake in the area without the use of magic. However, she must be aware of the geologic characteristics of the environment she's using it.
  • Magic Weapon MK-II: Her mechanical arms after Valenty upgraded them using a magic crystal extracted from a magic golem capable to absorb magic, allowing her to use her weapon on synergy with her magic powers.


  • Valenty might be based on the sixth disaster of the Lotus Sutra's definitions, imprisionment, considering her live before being summoned by Lilia.
  • Due to her imprisonment on her original world, Valenty never went to a beach until convincing Eastin and Mono to go along with her.
  • As stated by her, Valenty has no memories about her parents.


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