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Varghese「バルギス」 is the grandfather of Percival and the father of Ironside. Sixteen years ago, he was a Holy Knight of Camelot before he abandoned the kingdom following the betrayal of his son. Since then, he has raised his grandson alone on God's Finger until the day came when Ironside returned and killed him before attempting to do the same to Percival.


Varghese is a tall and large man with gray hair and a muscular build. He wears a tight fitting shirt, and pants and shoes along with a purple triangle horned iron helmet and orange cloak.


Varghese is a caring grandfather who looks after Percival and his well being. He often tries to encourage his grandson to go out on adventure and see the wider world outside their home upon being 16 years old like he and his son did before.


When Varghese was 16 years old, he left his hometown for an adventure and later on his son Ironside would follow the family tradition upon becoming 16 years old.

16 years ago

During his time as a Holy Knight in Camelot, Varghese was gifted with a sword by King Arthur that he used as a kitchen knife.

After Ironside and his group of renegade Holy Knights betrayed King Arthur Pendragon and fled from the Kingdom of Camelot, Varghese abandoned the king and lived on God's Finger to raise his grandson Percival.


Percival arc

Managing a turnip farm in God's Finger, Varghese overhears Percival calling him to look up in the sky and comments he had not seen a Stone Bird in a while. He tells his grandson that he is on his way and picks up a pitchfork nearby their house that he found. Aiming the pitchfork, Varghese is able to shoot down the Stone Bird at the neck. When his grandson catches the falling Stone Bird, Varghese calls out his grandson in concern and is relieved to see Percival hanging on the cliff with their quarry.

Taking the slain Stone Bird to their house, Varghese oversees his grandson expertly removing the feathers and making slices on the avian's body with his sword, praising Percival for handling his weapon well. After cooking the Stone Bird while unaware of the dissipating seal on the bird's head, he tells Percival to eat his fill too and asks if it is good. Varghese advises his grandson to eat and grow bigger.

After their meal, Varghese and Percival went outside to take off their upper clothes and have a Gouren duel between them. In a fighting stance, he tells his grandson to come and get him. When Percival makes the first move, Varghese attempts to catch his grandson repeatedly but the boy is able to dodge them. Struck on the stomach, he is pushed back and surprised of Percival's strength before grabbing his grandson and throws him off on the ground, defeating him. Varghese claims to Percival that it was a close call and he had to give it everything too, lifting his grandson's spirits. Taking his shirt, Varghese tells Percival to not get cold and is heading off to wash the plates in the lake.

Washing the plates in the lake of God's Finger inside the cave, Varghese hums a song to himself as he comments that his grandson is growing up fast. He realizes something in shock and went outside of the cave to tell Percival that it is his birthday. He faceplants on the ground with a crater at his grandson's obliviousness and informs him that he will be 16 which makes him already an adult. Varghese swiftly tells Percival that he is too young to be drinking like him.

Leading his grandson on top of the God's Finger, Varghese tells him to look beyond the horizon and asks what does he think. He explains that Percival is now 16 and believes his grandson will leave God's Finger and go on a journey around the world just like him. But Varghese is shocked when Percival says he was not interested. When his grandson claims that spending time on the God's Finger every day is fun, Varghese tries to interest Percival by telling him a story about the sky island inhabited by the Celestial Clan who are descendants of the Goddess Clan. He sheepishly states to Percival that he can't fly to see the place for himself but then tells him that below where they live on God's Finger, there exists a vast Britannia filled with thrilling adventure and mystery such as "twisting towers where eccentric magicians dwell", "knights who sail ships of illusions through the heavens", "caves with countless openings that lead to hell", "evil lake princesses that tempt heroes and imprison them", and "labyrinthe forests that you can never escape should you lose your way". After that, Varghese asks Percival if his words excite him only to learn his grandson is missing from the spot the whole time and comes back with a fishing rod to catch some sky-fish, resulting to himself comically flip on the ground.

After catching sky-fish with his grandson for dinner and drinking from his horn-shaped cup, Varghese wistfully tells Percival about the boy's father that as soon as he turned 16, he got out of the house as fast as he could to go on an adventure. When Percival asks if his father did die, Varghese turns his head away and tells him that it is nothing. He asks Percival if living in this type of far-flung place can get rather lonely. Varghese is touched that Percival is not lonely because he has him and teases him to be a boring one. Drinking from his horn-shaped cup, he mutters the words, "Those eyes see through evil that mouth speaks the truth that heart is filled with justice that sword smashes evil" and claims to Percival that it is a reminder. Varghese tells his grandson that he is still a kid but sometimes he will have to "defeat the evil and help the weak" which Percival finishes with "... And you must become someone who protects and risks their life for things they hold dear", surprising the old man. Varghese calls Percival cheeky and tells him that he can't go so senile so his grandson has to protect him. Varghese sleeps on his bed while Percival sneaks out of the house in the middle of the night and reveals that he did listen to his grandfather's words the whole time, amazed and wanting to go on an adventure.

Varghese appears in Percival's dream waving at him and trying to tell him something before the boy wakes up in the misty morning and meets Ironside appearing on God's Finger with a phantom boat.

Preparing for breakfast outside of the house, Varghese wonders where did Percival wander off in the morning, before is shocked to hear a familiar voice commenting about him using the large sword King Arthur gifted him as a kitchen knife. Reacting immediately, Varghese draws his sword on a defensive stance to block the star-shaped magical attack of his son that sent him flying into the house, destroying it. When Ironside states that he has been looking for him since they betrayed King Arthur and fled from Camelot, and did not expect his father to be living carefreely in such remote land, Varghese jumps out of the ruined house and charges to fight his son. The grandfather of Percival retorts to Ironside that he only abandoned King Arthur while the latter and a group of renegade Holy Knights are the ones who turned against their lord. Varghese attacks Ironside with his large sword which his opponent draws it to block before they exchanged blows. However, Varghese is struck with a star-shaped gaping hole in the torso by Ironside, wounding him as a result. When Ironside is about to kill Percival in mid-air, Varghese grabs him from behind with a grappling hold and tells his grandson to run. But he ends up heavily wounded and blinded at the same time after Ironside raises him hand and collapses on the ground in defeat.

Lying on the ground wounded and blinded, Varghese asks Ironside why did he come to kill him only now, which his son reveals to him that some days ago, an ominous prophecy was made about an arrival of an existence called "The Four Knights of the Apocalypse" that will lead their lord, King Arthur to his doom. He listens to Ironside telling him that the truth and details are still unclear and if that is the case, until his group reap the seeds of that possibility, no matter how far they fail, they cannot say for sure that there is no change of Varghese being one of those Four Knights. Varghese asks Ironside if that is why he harmed Percival and wonders if he has any feelings which his son claims that it is all for the greater good and leaves the two for dead in the middle of the snow.

After Ironside left, Varghese gets up despite his fatal injuries and tearfully calls out to Percival, telling him that he is sorry. He is shocked to see Percival survived too and reassures his grandson that he was the one who needed to protect him. Hugging Percival, Varghese tells the boy to not cry for failing to protect him and to find something to protect. He advises his grandson to trust his heart and find someone important whom he can walk through life with. Varghese learns from Percival that he really did want to go on an adventure and decides to tell the truth that he was glad for Percival keeping him company. Coughing out blood and collapsing on the ground, he notes that Percival is calm despite the wounds inflicted by Ironside which his grandson reminds him of the training every single day for 16 years. Varghese tells Percival to listen closely and reveals to him that Ironside is his father. He apologizes to Percival for not telling him the truth about Ironside. When Percival demands answers, Varghese tells him that there is not enough time to explain and advises the boy to find his father and ask the questions from him directly. He tells Percival to prepare to start his journey by himself. Patting his grandson on the head, Varghese states that it is okay and he will always be with him. In his final moments, Varghese calls Percival "his hope" before succumbing to his wounds.

After his death, Varghese is buried with a makeshift tombstone while his helmet and cloak is worn by Percival who sets off on a journey to find Ironside and explore Britannia.


Varghese, like all other Holy Knights, have magic imbued within his body. Despite his large bulk, he is faster and more agile than he looks. He is able to react to Ironside's ambush and immediately attempt to block it with his sword, although the magical attack sent him flying into his house. Varghese is also capable of matching blows with Ironside in a sword fight.


  • Ouroboros: Varghese wields a magic sword that can change its size. It was given to him by King Arthur Pendragon. After his death, Percival inherited the sword.




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