Volume 23 is the twenty third tankōbon volume of the manga, Nanatsu no Taizai.


  • 180. The Wandering Knight「さまよえる騎士」
  • 181. Great Holy Knight Zaratras「聖騎士ザラトラス」
  • 182. Certain Warmth「たしかなぬくもり」
  • 183. Danger Zone「デンジャーゾーン」
  • 184. Mega Clash!!「超激突!!」
  • 185. Pride vs. Love「〈傲慢〉 vs.〈慈愛〉」
  • 186. Defensive War in Liones「リオネス防衛戦」
  • 187. Die, All You Wicked「滅びよ邪悪な者共よ」
  • 188. Return of the Sins「〈罪〉の帰還」
  • Extra: The Queen of the Altar 1「祭髏の王①」

Story ArcsEdit

Main article: Defensive Battle for Liones arc

Fights and EventsEdit


Volume DifferencesEdit

Chapter Page/s Changes
188 11~13 Red Demons missing tone is fixed.
188 21, 22 Derieri's damaged hand is depicted correctly.

Limited EditionEdit

Volume 23 had an limited edition that was bundled with an Nanatsu no Taizai board game "The Proof of a Hero" with dices.



  1. Kodansha Comics


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