Volume 24 is the twenty fourth tankōbon volume of the manga, Nanatsu no Taizai.


  • 189. The Hero Rises!!「英雄立つ!!」
  • 190. Demon Party「魔宴」
  • 191. Insatiable Woman「満たされぬ女」
  • 192. Hendrickson vs. Fraudrin「ヘンドリクセン vs.フラウドリン」
  • 193. The Determined Great Holy Knight「覚悟の聖騎士長」
  • 194. Cruel Hope「残酷なる希望」
  • 195. Liones's Defensive Battle Come to an End!「リオネス防衛戦終結!」
  • 196. So Long As You're Here「君がいるだけで」
  • 197. To Each His Own Answer「それぞれの答え」
  • Extra: A Deadly Sins Vacation「大罪 Vacation」
  • Extra: The Queen of the Altar 2「祭髏の王②」
  • Extra: The Queen of the Altar 3「祭髏の王③」

Story ArcsEdit

Main article: Defensive Battle for Liones arc

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Volume DifferencesEdit

Chapter Page/s Changes
192 Title change

Limited EditionEdit

Volume 24 had an limited edition that was bundled with an Nanatsu no Taizai themed 44 cards "Britannia themed Karuta deck".



  1. Kodansha Comics


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