Volume 28 is the twenty eighth tankōbon volume of the manga, Nanatsu no Taizai.


  • 223. Bewildered Lovers「とまどう恋人たち」
  • 224. That Is Our Way of Life「それが僕らの生きる道」
  • 225. To Each His Own Conflict「それぞれの葛藤」
  • 226. Wild「アラクレ」
  • 227. The Grudge Ones Doesn't Sleep「怨念たちは眠らない」
  • 228. The Goddess and the Holy Maiden「女神と聖女」
  • 229. Love is a Maiden's Strength「愛は乙女の力」
  • 230. Melascula's Miscalculation「メラスキュラの誤算」
  • 231. Pride vs. Wrath「〈傲慢〉 vs.〈憤怒〉」
  • Extra: The Queen of the Altar 7「祭髏の王⑦」

Story ArcsEdit

Main article: Corand arc

Fights and EventsEdit


Volume DifferencesEdit

Chapter Page/s Changes
225 Title change
227 Title change
230 Title change

Limited EditionEdit

Volume 28 had an limited edition that was bundled with an Nanatsu no Taizai tin badges.



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