Volume 34 is the thirty fourth tankōbon volume of the manga, Nanatsu no Taizai.


  • 276. A Sorrowful Blow「悲しき一撃」
  • 277. There is No Way to Free Oneself from Love「愛から自由になる術はない」
  • 278. Rise Up Against Despair!!「絶望に立ち向かえ」
  • 279. The Sound of the Victory Bells「勝利の鐘の音」
  • 280. Collapse「崩壊」
  • 281. The Fairy King vs. The Angel of Death「妖精王 vs.死の天使」
  • 282. Gowther vs. Mael「ゴウセル vs.マエル」
  • 283. The Desire to Survive「生還への渇望」
  • 284. The Door to Hope「希望への扉」
  • Extra: Duel at Midday「真昼の決闘」

Story ArcsEdit

Main article: New Holy War arc

Fights and EventsEdit


Volume DifferencesEdit

Chapter Page/s Changes
277 4,5 A dark tone is added to the Purity Commandment orb.
9~11 Past Derieri's darkness arm is changed to a normal looking arm.
12 Derieri and Monspeet positions are changed.
278 5 A "dimensional portal" effect is added to the inside of Oslo' mouth.
8 Light effects are added to Mael's shroud of power.
279 4~7,11~15,19 An extra pair wings is added to Mael's design.
280 5,18,19 An extra pair wings is added to Mael's design.
281 3,4,6,12 An extra pair wings is added to Mael's design.
Extra 2 Scraps bowls are slightly redesigned. Details added to the vendors.

Limited EditionEdit

Volume 34 had an limited edition that was bundled with an OAD 3 DVD anime.



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