Volume 34 is the thirty fourth tankōbon volume of the manga, Nanatsu no Taizai.


  • 276. A Sorrowful Blow「悲しき一撃
  • 277. There is No Way to Free Oneself from Love「愛から自由になる術はない
  • 278. Rise Up Against Despair!!「絶望に立ち向かえ
  • 279. The Sound of the Victory Bells「勝利の鐘の音
  • 280. Collapse「崩壊
  • 281. The Fairy King vs. The Angel of Death「妖精王 vs.死の天使
  • 282. Gowther vs. Mael「ゴウセル vs.マエル
  • 283. The Desire to Survive「生還への渇望
  • 284. The Door to Hope「希望への扉
  • Extra: Duel at Midday「真昼の決闘

Story ArcsEdit

Main article: New Holy War arc

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Limited EditionEdit

Volume 34 had an limited edition that was bundled with an OAD 3 DVD anime.



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