Volume 39 is the thirty ninth tankōbon volume of the manga, Nanatsu no Taizai.


  • 321. Light「光」
  • 322. The Voice That Calls Your Name「キミの名を呼ぶ声」
  • 323. I Am Here「ボクはここにいる」
  • 324. Brothers' Promise「兄弟の約束」
  • 325. Those Who Resist「抗う者たち」
  • 326. The Seven Deadly Sins vs. The Demon King「〈七つの大罪〉vs.魔神王」
  • 327. The Man that is Escanor「エスカノールという男」
  • Gaiden. The King Sings in Loneliness「王は孤独に歌う」
  • 328. The One Ultimate「”天上天下唯我独尊”の極み」

Story ArcsEdit

Main article: Demon King arc

Fights and EventsEdit


Volume DifferencesEdit

Chapter Page/s Changes
325 12 Empty panel is fixed, adding Diane beginning Drole's Dance
13 The thunderstorm is added to the background.
14 An "after image" of Diane dancing is added. An overimposed image of Drole on a landscape is added.

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