Volume 6 is the sixth tankōbon volume of the manga, Nanatsu no Taizai.


  • 038. Chance & Necessity「偶然と必然」
  • 039. A Longstanding Grudge「積年の想い」
  • 040. Vaizel's Fighting Festival Finals「バイゼル喧嘩祭り決勝戦」
  • 041. Hair-Raising Canon「戦慄のカノン」
  • 042. Demon Reactor「デーモン・リアクター」
  • 043. A Dangerous Bet「危険な賭け」
  • 044. Countdown to Despair「絶望へのカウントダウン」
  • 045. Carnival of Atrocity「暴虐のカーニバル」
  • 046. Because We're Sisters「姉妹だもんね」

Story ArcsEdit

Main article: Vaizel Fight Festival arc

Fights and EventsEdit


Extra Page: Teach me, Captain!Edit

While the Boar Hat rested at a unknown location, Diane complain that she was dirty. Elizabeth told Diane of a lake near by while King over hear them and flush heavy. Meliodas notice King mood and wonder until King beg Meliodas to teach him to be "shameless and without honor" like Meliodas which Meliodas accept, but beat him up for insult. Later, Meliodas took King to the lake area and teach him that peeping was wrong as it cause guilt, but strip down and went to the lake with the girls, much to King surprise. The girls, however were fine with Meliodas being there as Diane was overjoy and Elizabeth was nervous as Meliodas circle around her. Meliodas ask King to come join them which King did, but in his fat form as Diane freak out and use Creation to kick him out of the location. Meliodas wonder if King need more training.




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