Wall障壁 (ウォール)  Shōheki (Uōru)」 is a defensive power possessed by the Holy Knight, Griamore, and is a physical manifestation of his conviction to protect Veronica at all costs.[1]


Wall enables the user to form spherical, defensive barriers, that cannot be affected by ordinary magic or physical attacks. The user can form a barrier around himself, and omnidirectionally expand it, allowing the user to push individuals away without direct contact. The barrier also has an additional effect of crushing the ground and creating a crater in the area where it is present.[2] It can only be destroyed by a far more destructive power namely Break.


  • Perfect Shell完全なる独房 (パーフェクト・シール)  Kanzen naru Dokubō (Pāfekuto Shīru)」: A powerful barrier is formed around selected individuals. The barrier can be moved at the user's will, allowing him to transport the enclosed individual. Griamore boasts that this barrier would not be harmed even by a meteor.[3]
  • Long Shield長方形の盾 (ロングシールド)  Chōhōkei no Tate (Rongu Shīrudo); literally meaning "Rectangular Shield"」: The user erects a long rectangular wall in front of themselves and their allies to protect against frontal attacks. [4]


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  • Griamore's ability, Wall, is a direct opposite of his father's ability, Break.


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