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Wild「ワイルド」 is a boar-like creature who lives in Purgatory. He spends his life searching for his younger brother Hawk and fighting the Demon King.


His appearance is very similar to Hawk, but with characteristics similar to those of boars, such as tusks and fur.[6] Its size is about two times the size of Hawk.

After spending sixty years fighting against the Demon King in Purgatory, Wild seems to have become bigger, slightly exceeding Meliodas in size.

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He is very emotional, crying very easily when it comes to sad stories and his younger brother Mild. He cares a lot about his younger brother, as he has spent over eight million years trying to reunite with him, he is also an extremely dedicated fighter, battling the Demon King many thousands of times trying to bypass him.


Wild was born in the Purgatory. He used to take care of his younger brother, Mild, singing lullabies that he adored. However, his brother was kidnapped by the Demon King shortly after he was born and sent to another world.

For millions of years, Wild looked for his younger brother, coming to face the Demon King on many occasions, but always being defeated.


New Holy War arc

While touring the Purgatory, Wild finds Meliodas and Ban who claimed to be from another world. When these two discover it, they immediately attack him believing him an enemy. However, Wild evades all his attacks and threatens Meliodas from behind. When these two ask him if he is a servant of the Demon King, Wild says that he knows how to find him. After revealing and introducing themselves, Meliodas and Ban are surprised to see their similarity to Hawk. Understanding that Hawk is his little brother, Mild, who has been searching, Wild breaks into tears of joy.

In the face of the impending sandstorm, Wild takes Ban and Meliodas home and offers them wild boar broths. After telling them about how his brother had been kidnapped by the Demon King, he asks both of them to tell him about Hawk. After hearing them, Wild suffers a shock to know how he is, but affirms that he will love him no matter what.

When leaving in search of the Demon King, Wild tells them that he has already faced the Demon King 120,118 times, losing the fight 120,118 times. There, Meliodas stops to tell Ban and Wild about his youngest brothers, telling about his past relationship with Zeldris. However, when Wild asks about Estarossa, Meliodas realizes that he does not really remember anything about him. Right there, the Demon King appears in front of the trio. Despite his overwhelming presence, Wild rushes to face him without hesitation, defiantly saying that he will finally force his way through the Demon King with Ban and Meliodas aiding him, only to be effortlessly flicked aside with a single finger. Recovering, Wild warns Meliodas and Ban upon seeing the Demon King slashing his sword at them. Wild later attempts to drill the Demon King, only to be effortlessly stopped and held between the King's fingers before being thrown away, with the Demon King saying that Wild never learns.

While sixty years pass in Purgatory, the trio still battles the Demon King, being defeated every single time they charge at him. When they were thrown away, Ban discovers that his powers could also "heal", as Wild's wounds have been "healed" by him, with this they also discovered how to get around with Demon King's power, The Ruler, and they charge at him once again. Despite the fact that Ban manages to hurt the overwhelming King, he still manages to revert the effect by switching off his power. Meliodas then tries to battle the Demon King himself, as the gate to the real world is revealed. Ban refuses to go, saying that he can not leave the Captain behind but Wild decides to use Wild Full Throtle, a technique considered his "Trump card", consuming all his life force to increase his power. With this technique, he was able to hold off the Demon King, giving Ban and Meliodas a chance to escape. As Meliodas and Ban escape Purgatory, he regrets that he could not go see his little brother, but is thankful knowing that he is alive and well, and considers that two good friends are better than an older brother whom he does not even know.

Epilogue arc

When Hawk arrives in Purgatory, he wanders around until bumping into someone who is none other than Wild and the two brothers share a tearful reunion.

Wild says that he is very happy to be able to see him before dying, to which Hawk reprimands him to talk about it when they have just found each other and asks him if he is sick. Wild tells him that the battle with the Demon King damaged his body so much that he only has a million years to live, to which Hawk exclaims that it's a long time.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed by Light

Hawk finds himself spending time with Wild in Purgatory having learned how to hunt the creatures. After eating Wild's food, Hawk says that he misses the leftovers. Wild asks him if what he has are not leftovers to which Hawk says that the leftovers from the living world are an incomparable delight. Amazed, Wild decides that they go taste them.

The two cross into the world of the living after the battle with the Supreme Deity, falling right on top of King Baltra. The two later attend Meliodas and Elizabeth's wedding.

Abilities and Equipment

Like the other creatures of the Purgatory, Wild possesses a great resistance to the extreme conditions of the Purgatory. His resilience is further strengthened by his numerous battles with the Demon King. He showed an incredible speed, being able to evade all the attacks of Meliodas and destroying Ban's hand when he attempted to use Snatch on him.

  • Zig-Zag Wild雷光猪ジグザグワイルドJiguzagu Wairudo; literally meaning "Lightning Boar"」: Wild grows his fangs to great length and uses them to ram the enemy with great force.[7]
    • Guruguru Wild回転猪グルグルワイルドGuru Guru Wairudo; literally meaning "Spinning Boar"」: After impaling the enemy with his fangs, Wild quickly spin his body to increase the damage of the attack.[8]
  • Wild Full Throttle野生大解放ワイルド・フルスロットルWairudo Furu Surottoru; literally meaning "Wild Large Release"」: Wild's ultimate technique. By consuming all of his life force, Wild attains great power, even capable of momentaneously push back the Demon King.[9]



Hawk is Wild's younger brother, born under the name Mild before being sent to Britannia by the Demon King. Wild is shown to care for his younger brother immensely, despite not having seen him in over eight million years in Purgatory's time as he was willing to challenge the Demon King exactly 120,118 times (prior to meeting Meliodas and Ban) just for a chance to find his long lost brother, despite losing every single battle.

Wild, prior to learning the truth about his brother's personality from Meliodas and Ban, always held Hawk in high regards, believing him to be a brave warrior such as himself, so much that he started hyperventilating from shock upon realizing that Hawk is almost nothing like he imagined, but still cares for his brother despite learning he isn't as brave or powerful as he is.

Despite wanting to see his younger brother again, Wild cares more for Hawk's own well-being rather than his own life or desire to meet his brother again, as he was willing to sacrifice his life to send Meliodas and Ban back to the real world, believing that what Hawk needed most wasn't a brother that he knew nothing about, but his irreplacable friends who have come to help him along the way.


  • Wild vs. Demon King (unseen): Lose (all 120,118 times)


  • Wild claims that he has battled the Demon King 120,118 times, but has lost all 120,118 times.[10]
  • Wild has an unique sound effect when running, Tenteketenten. Wild shares this trait with Hawk and Hawk Mama.
  • Despite looking like a boar, Wild is actually a boar-like creature from Purgatory.[11]
  • Wild has a very good memory, as he was able to remember the precise amount of times he fought the Demon King and lost both prior to and after meeting Meliodas and Ban.
  • Wild and his siblings name are a play on the term Hog Wild. Hawk standing for hog with wild being it's adjacent number.


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