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That Is Our Way of Life「それが僕らの生きる道, Sore ga Bokura no Ikiru Michi」 is the tenth episode of Season 3 of the The Seven Deadly Sins anime.


Meliodas reveals to the rest of the Seven Deadly Sins the secret behind his relationship with Elizabeth and how they were punished for that.


Seeing no reason to keep it a secret, Meliodas reveals to the rest of the Sins that he and Elizabeth have been cursed 3,000 years ago by the Demon King and Supreme Deity respectively: he will be immortal and never die, and Elizabeth will constantly reincarnate each time she dies, where Meliodas will be forced to watch every one of her deaths. This was due to them forming a relationship despite being from the Demon and Goddess Clans.

After the Holy War ended, Meliodas wandered the continent listlessly upon discovering the original Elizabeth dead beside him, only to meet with her new reincarnation, now a primitive human with no memory of him. As they relationship slowly deepened again, the new Elizabeth's right eye suddenly got a Goddess symbol, confirming Meliodas' suspicions of her being an reincarnation, and narrates the past to her which prompts her left eye to take on the symbol as well. Elizabeth, having regained her memories, then tells Meliodas of their respective curses, and reveals how she will die three days after regaining her memories.

As of date, Meliodas has met 107 Elizabeths, some of which had regained their memories and some that had not and died peacefully.

Meliodas then decided to work with Merlin to break the curse, with their only lead being Zeldris, who is able to borrow the Demon King's power, but this requires reopening the Coffin of Eternal Darkness where the Ten Commandments were sealed.

However, Fraudrin was soon restored by demon worshippers after sacrificing all the citizens of Danafor, and killed Liz, Elizabeth's then reincarnation, to use her Goddess blood to reopen the Coffin, although it fails. Meliodas then destroyed Danafor in anguish and rage, only to rediscover the newborn child of a woman to be the present Elizabeth.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Manga/Anime Differences

  • In the manga, the Goddess Elizabeth had a different outfit when battled against the Demon King and Supreme Deity.
  • In the anime, a dead Elizabeth lies on the ground with her eyes closed, while in the manga, they are open.
  • Meliodas' story is extended in the anime with additional content:
    • More past Elizabeth are shown, including a child who died in a fire after getting her memories back, and a young lady who died of old age without ever remembering anything.
    • Meliodas asking Merlin for a method to dispell their curses.
    • Fraudrin's actions that lead to the demise of Danafor.
    • Liz fighting Fraudrin.
    • Meliodas receiving the current Elizabeth as a baby from her dying mother.


  • Nakaba Suzuki himself wrote the original material for this anime episode.[1]


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