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The Strongest vs. The Most Wicked「最強 vs.最凶, Saikyō vs. Saikyō」 is the thirteenth episode of Season 3 of the The Seven Deadly Sins anime.


After Meliodas and Escanor fight at Corand concludes, the Seven Deadly Sins take an injured Meliodas to Camelot as they try to go for king Arthur help. Meanwhile, the Demon King orders Zeldris to go rescuing Meliodas now that he has become his true and past self.


With Escanor seemingly defeated, King asks if his fight with Meliodas is really over so fast. Elizabeth begs Merlin to undone her Perfect Cube so she can talk with Meliodas but refuses as she explains he will kill them surely. A confused Hawk then asks them if there is anything they could do as Merlin replies it will be noon in anytime.

Suddenly Escanor gets up again ready to resume his battle and even though Meliodas warns him about it, he uses Super Slash before being stab at the stomach putting him to his knees. As Meliodas mocks Escanor a desperate Hawk wonder how powerful is Meliodas. Gowther reads both Sins Power Level power and replies Meliodas' power is far superior despite Escanor famous strenght. Merlin then says this is Meliodas' original power as the leader of the Ten Commandments.

As Escanor and Meliodas slash each other violently Merlin hears a mysterious voice that sounded familiar. Meliodas injures Escanor hands and tries to stab him but he notes Lostvayne barely cut him. As they both are unarmed Escanor pointlessly punches Meliodas and in response he does the same as well, however Meliodas' punch causes Escanor to bounce everywhere within the Perfect Cube. Meliodas admit he did not had so much fun since he fought with his younger brothers. Diane asks if there anything left to do, Merlin tells her everything it is up to one specific minute at noon which Escanor magic is so powerful that he becomes in an invincible force known as The One.

A cocky Meliodas is excited for Escanor's perseverance who now is taller and bulkier surrounded by flames. He attacks him with a slashing attack Kami Chigiri. However, Escanor scoffs his attacks by calling it mere scratches, as Meliodas rush up to him he defeats his leader with just a hand chop. Elizabeth and the rest of the Sins run to Meliodas. Elizabeth wishes to heal Meliodas but Merlin refuses, claiming the moment she does, he will attack them again and there is no one who could stop him at this point. Escanor proudly saids he can defeat Meliodas as much as it is needed but the Sin of Gluttony hits him in the chest revealing Escanor was faking to be unharmed.

As the group gather at Corand's bridge on their way to Boar Hat, Elaine notes Ban is very quiet and asks him what is wrong. He admits to feel guilty for what he told Meliodas before he went insane, but Elaine tells him Meliodas would never judge him, and he knows his friendship will be the same as always.

In their way to Camelot, Merlin reveals Escanor's extreme injuries have left him unable to fight and Meliodas otherwise is very dangerous so right now is very risky for him to be around. Meliodas tries to get up, but Merlin quickly reacts and leaves him unconscious. Merlin tries to lock him inside Perfect Cube, but Elizabeth begs to be lock inside alongside Meliodas so she can take care of him, even though Merlin disagrees, she eventually accepts Elizabeth's offer but she tells her she will stay to watch her closely. Due to the current situation Merlin orders King, Diane and Gowther to act as the protectors of the team as they get close to Camelot. On the Boar Hat roof, King, Diane and Gowther talk about the odds of Meliodas' sanity and they conclude they will keep protecting him and Elizabeth.

At Camelot, Orlondi is hiding inside a shallow trunk when he notes a giant centipede-like demon is patrolling. Scared he begs Merlin help until he is saved by Arthur who takes him to his lair: a secret basement where he and many others human survivors are hiding from the demons. Orlondi realizes Arthur is the one Merlin ordered him to find but he thinks Camelot current status is critical as many humans are killed by demons and others are sacrified in order to break the Goddess' seal. Arthur says he is aware but still to give people of Camelot hope, Nanashi appears to report he fought some demons at the surface. Orlondi yells at Arthur for being naive by believing he could fight demons by himself as Camelot is currenly invaded by Zeldris as well, but Arthur replies he can take care of the situation if he can recover the sword Excalibur.

Inside Camelot's castle Zeldris is trying to lift Excalibur out of the ground but to no avail. Then he is contacted by his father, the Demon King, who orders him to rescue his future heir Meliodas. Zeldris asks why he should help a traitor, to what the Demon King explains that Meliodas is already his old self and need to be away of the Seven Deadly Sins shortly after he shows him is the perfect time to attack the Boar Hat.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Manga/Anime Differences

  • In the anime, it's Gowther who assesses Escanor's Power Level, while in the manga it's Hawk who does it.
  • In the manga, the aftermath talking is done on the bridge on the way back, while in the anime the group does it still on the battleground.
  • The Orange Demon doesn't appear in the anime.


  • From all the episodes of the season. This was the most criticized by fans due to the animation and the adaptation of Meliodas and Escanor fight that was split up in two episodes and toned down.


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