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Rampaging Love「暴走する愛, Bōsō-suru Ai」 is the twenty-fourth and last episode of Season 3 of the The Seven Deadly Sins anime.


A twisted and unstable Estarossa tries to capture Elizabeth, after recalling his love for her. But being unable to fully control the power of the absorbed Commandments, Estarossa goes berserk putting everyone in danger. In order to save her loved ones, Elizabeth agrees to go with him. The Holy Knights prepare for the next battle, while King lead a rescue team to go after Elizabeth. Meanwhile, at Purgatory, Meliodas' emotions awaken ready to come back somehow to the other side.


In Britannia many years ago, Estarossa recalls how he fell for Elizabeth as she was one of his few peers who did not mock him for his lack of strength. As Estarossa grew up admiring his elder brother Meliodas, he eventually became disillusioned as a result of his romance with Elizabeth. Back in the present, Estarossa claims he always wanted to be like his brother and now he is like Meliodas.

In Camelot, Zeldris, Cusack and Chandler are staring at Meliodas' cocoon. Cusack asks how is Meliodas taking the absorption of the commandments as Zeldris replies he could not expect less of his father's first option of heir to the Demon Clan.

Meanwhile, at Liones, a menacing Estarossa tries to approach Elizabeth after defeating Tarmiel and Sariel. Guila guards Elizabeth and uses her explosion magic as the rest of the Holy Knights follows Howzer's orders of defending Liones' princess. Most of their efforts are futile as Estarossa easily resists all the attacks, he injures Guila and defeats once more both Goddesses the moment they try to attack him. Estarossa invites Elizabeth to go "their secret place", to Elizabeth's shock who wonders how he knows about it since it was supposed to be a secret and she confirmed she knows him somehow much better than she thought but cannot remember how.

Suddenly Estarossa loses control of his commandments and gets furious as he remembers how Meliodas told him he would never allow him to date Elizabeth. She refuses to believe what she hears and tells him his memories are wrong, Estarossa insists, yells and suffers a transformation of dark matter. Elizabeth notes this is happening because he is holding more commandments than he can handle and begs him to expel them.

An out of control Estarossa attacks everyone around him, including Diane and King, and he chokes Elizabeth as a result of his jealousy of Meliodas. Elizabeth refuses to be killed without seeing Meliodas again so she uses Ark to escape Estarossa. But she knows the only way of protecting his beloved ones is to surrender, so she agrees to go with Estarossa as long he promises not to hurt anyone else. He accepts and they go after Elizabeth heals everyone's injuries.

As Holy Knights gather around after their recent victory over the demons, they discuss their strategy to save Elizabeth. King offers himself to go after her since he is the only one who can fly and recalls both Tarmiel and Sariel were defeated. Sariel corrects him by showing next to them and much to Diane and Howzer's surprise, his vessel's body now looks like a young and beautiful lady. Sariel explains this is a result of a human vessel holding a high ranking Goddess and that the same could happen to Margaret's body as she holds their leader Ludociel. A confused Howzer asks Tarmiel about his vessel, who clarifies that because his vessel died before he could take over his body, that this is the main reason why Goddess magic power cannot age a vessel. Sariel then reveals he got his vessel body when Solaseed got ill from a rare disease and he promised to cure her in exchange for her body.

Sariel apologizes to Solaseed for lying to her and proceeds to expel himself from her body and Tarmiel does the same as well. Eventually, both goddesses get their original bodies back in order to save Elizabeth and defeat Estarossa once for all. Derieri offers to join them in their rescue team but she is rejected as Sariel says no one trusts her. King supports her, telling them everyone that the original Elizabeth back in the Holy War saved her and Monspeet, to Derieri's surprise, who asks him how he knows about it but King replies it does not matter.

As King, Tarmiel and Sariel leave, Gowther tells Hawk if he can ask him a special favor. In Camelot, Merlin uses her magic to bring the assault team consisting of her, Escanor, Gilthunder, Hendrickson and Ludociel inside Liones. Merlin cannot access Meliodas's cocoon of darkness, and Ludociel uses his Sanctuary protection spell so they can be inside but he warns everyone there is no turning back and once inside, they must kill Meliodas in order to escape. Merlin then reminds him there is another way and that is to persuade Meliodas in not becoming the Demon King.

Meanwhile, in Purgatory, Ban can be seen walking and wondering where Meliodas' emotions are. King, Tarmiel, Sariel and Derieri continue their quest for Elizabeth but the latter notes someone is following them, who turns out to be Gowther with Hawk's help. Estarossa takes Elizabeth to the ruins of a floating island, Elizabeth thinks about how she wants to see Meliodas once again as the latter is seen inside his cocoon preparing for his demon king coronation.

Somewhere else, Meliodas' emotions awake in Purgatory, he walks around telling himself that he will find a way to come back to Elizabeth and his friends..

Characters in Order of Appearance

Manga/Anime Differences

  • In the anime, Estarossa goes insane before leaving the battlefield, therefore, being battled by the other characters, including some new scenes like Estarossa shooting destructive long beams of darkness, and attacks from King and Diane.
  • In the anime, after Sariel and Tarmiel leave their hosting bodies, these lay on the ground with their regular clothes, while in the manga, they're naked.
  • In the anime, Meliodas' emotions are covered with darkness, while in the manga he is naked. The same goes for Ban who can be seen with part of his clothes ripped.
  • The episode introduces some scenes from other chapters from manga who were not completely adapted: The assault force is seen entering Camelot castle as it happens in Chapter 285 but with some differences. Likewise in the final scenes of the season Derieri notes Gowther is following her and the rest of the rescue team but this happens in the manga until Chapter 272, the same can be say about Chapter 268 where Ban re appears after a while in Purgatory with longer hair and his beard like it happens in the episode.   


  • In the after credits scene, Wild's silhouette and the Demon King are shown.


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