Zeldrisゼルドリス」 is an elite warrior of the Demon Clan, serving directly under the Demon King as the Piety of the Ten Commandments.[3] He is also the younger brother of the series main protagonist, Meliodas, as well as the youngest son of the Demon King, and serves as his representative and executioner.[4]


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Zeldris demon mark
Zeldris' full demon mark
Zeldris is a short yet muscular young man. He greatly resembles his brother Meliodas, though with a few slight differences. His hair is spikey black and grows counterclockwise to Meliodas' and they both have the same demon mark, except his is over his left eye instead of his right. His full demon mark is similar to his older brothers when he was the leader of the Ten Commandments.

His attire is a body suit, crimson in color and has a white insignia on several places. The suit has a open collar and exposes his chest. He has silver gauntlets and carries his sword with a strap on his hip. 


Zeldris is very calm and collected, seemingly not easy to anger. Like his brother, Meliodas, Zeldris appears to have good commanding and leadership skills.

Zeldris is highly confident in his abilities. Clashing with his own brother Meliodas in the past, a very powerful opponent and remains unfazed at the prospect of doing so again and even initiating an attack against him. His confidence in his own abilities develops a certain degree of arrogance towards beings weaker than him. Likewise, he doubts Fraudrin's abilities because of him not being able to obliterate a country of humans. Zeldris is even confident that he alone is more than enough to deal with the Seven Deadly Sins, even smiling as he claims so and also believing that he is more powerful than Meliodas and therefore more worthy to be the new Demon King, and unhesitantly taking on his brother again now in full power alongside Estarossa.

However, Zeldris has limits in his patience and, although he rarely shows it, is not above mocking and showing negative responses at the ones he had an antagonistic relationship with. This is displayed by how he repeatedly took time to show his grudge at Meliodas and most of all Elizabeth, who he mocked in their short conversation and showing tremendous anger at her for being the reason of his brother's betrayal. Zeldris also was visibly angered by Drole and Gloxinia's betrayal, saying openly that a Giant and Fairy King can never work properly with the Demon Clan. He also gets angry after learning that Meliodas is set to be the new Demon King and showed furious rage when fighting and being easily subdued by his elder brother, who is now back to full power. He also mocks Meliodas on the fact that Elizabeth ran away from him.

Despite being seemingly ruthless and cold-hearted, Zeldris was once much better. Meliodas has stated that Zeldris idolized Meliodas greatly when he was still the leader of the Ten Commandments and was seen with a smile in his face when around him. He also said that Zeldris was almost sincere and honest to a fault. The main reason of Zeldris' cold-heartness was because he had fell in love with the Vampiress Gelda and unlike almost all other demons, he only sought to protect her rather than being interested in triumphing over the Goddess Clan. Upon being ordered by his father to kill the Vampire Clan, in the end, overwhelmed by the indescribable pain to the point of bursting to tears, he could not bring himself to do it and instead sealed them all away for Gelda's sake, showing how deeply he loved her and valued his romantic relationship with her in the past. The pain of being betrayed by his elder brother who he looked up to and the great suffering he endured from losing his lover made Zeldris the demon he is now, which only served to increase his anger for Meliodas' betrayal tremendously. He is thus unwilling to negotiate with Meliodas and clearly shows his strong grudge towards him, to the point that he openly said that the only thing he has is his rage towards Meliodas as well as his desire for vengeance towards the other Clans. His rage towards Elizabeth has been seen to be even greater, as she is the true reason why Meliodas betrayed the Demons at all, as shown by how he acts much more openly antagonistically towards her than he did with Meliodas, openly displaying mockery when she arrived and said she didin't knew him and he quickly lashed out by coldly saying on how she made Meliodas suffer and continued to display clear resentment at her, retaining a scowl on his face, even more so after she instead smiled from what he said, eventually escalating in Zeldris angrily telling her to remember everything and the sin she committed. He may have even planned to activate her curse from their conversation in order to relish in Meliodas's suffering, implying a cruel desire to make his brother feel exactly what he felt when he lost Gelda.

However, it has been seen that Zeldris still retains fractions of his good side, as he shows his belief that Meliodas is suffering due to having betrayed his clan after meeting Elizabeth, indicating Zeldris possess some doubts on their estranged relationship. He later seemed to silently contemplate forgiving Meliodas when Meliodas apologized to him. He also showed care for his brother Estarossa, even saving him from an attack that could also kill him, and also showed great loyalty to his father, as evidenced by the fact that he, albeit begrudgingly, obeyed his father's order to crown Meliodas as the new Demon King. Zeldris was also evidently shocked when Estarossa suggested that they kill their own allies to get their commandments more quickly, showing that while ruthless against traitors, he does not approve to simply killing his comrades. Also, when Ludociel called him out on slashing a woman's face, Zeldris responded by saying that at least he and his brother would never take control of a woman's body, implying although ruthless against enemies even if they are women, Zeldris disliked any unnecessary violence towards them.

Zeldris wanted to become the Demon King at all costs with the goal of getting back Gelda, who was revealed to be alive, albeit sealed by Meliodas. When Meliodas offered to Zeldris to undo the seal placed upon her as soon as he becomes the new Demon King, Zeldris has seemingly abandoned his desire to that title, even going as far as assisting Meliodas with the recovery of the Commandments, giving them up to him, including his own, and protecting him while he's absorbing them.


3.000 years ago

Zeldris was mentored by Cusack and Meliodas in combat before he completed his training and stopped learning under his master. He idolized his elder brother when he was the leader of the Ten Commandments and at some time fell in love with the Vampire Gelda. During the great war, Zeldris was tasked with executing the Vampire Clan who attempted to overthrow the Demon King. However, instead of killing them, he sealed them away for Gelda's sake. Sometime in the past Zeldris clashed with his brother Meliodas. He also said he had met and likely fought the Goddess Elizabeth in the Holy War.

Memories of the Holy War arc

Near the end of the war, he was sent to capture or kill the recently escaped Gowther, during which he easily defeated the Giant King Drole, and offered him and the Fairy King positions in the Ten Commandments. Along with the rest of the Demon Clan, Zeldris was sealed away by the Goddess Clan after losing the Ancient War against the Four Races (Human, Fairy, Giant and Goddess Clans).


Albion arc

Demon Clan

Zeldris appearing along with the rest of his fellow Demons: the Ten Commandments.

After Hendrickson managed to remove the seal, Zeldris and the rest of the Ten Commandments appeared before the terrified former Great Holy Knight and Fraudrin in Dreyfus' body with Zeldris uttered Meliodas' name as if he knew him. After being informed by Fraudrin of the current events in Britannia, Zeldris suggested that they should head for Edinburgh Hill for recuperation of their severely drained magical powers due to the seal they're trapped in, which everyone agreed and left Zhuhur Valley by flight, leaving a terrified Hendrickson.

Zeldris giving the order to dominate Britannia

Arriving at Edinburgh Hill, Zeldris and his fellow Ten Commandments find a castle in ruins and concludes that it was Meliodas who caused the destruction of the castle as if there was a great battle fought there before noticing his brother Estarossa in a laid-back self, relaxing in the castle's ruins much to Zeldris' chagrin. After talking about the destruction of the Albions, one of them presumably defeated by Meliodas, making Galand decide to go and check it out. Zeldris stops him saying his cockiness was what caused them their lose before, but Galand leaves nonetheless, much to Zeldris annoyance. Later on, the Commandments continued to rest and recover their magical power through the souls of humans they devoured and were shocked when they sensed Meliodas regain his full Demon powers at Istar.

Istar arc

Zeldris and Fraudrin attempting to attack Meliodas

Zeldris and Fraudrin attempt to slice Meliodas

Suddenly, Meliodas appeared out of nowhere through Merlin's teleportation and casually greeted the Ten Commandments who were alarmed of his sudden presence, Zeldris attempt to fight but Galand stopped them because he was determined to finish off where he started. Meliodas battled and defeated Galand in less than ten seconds before warning Zeldris that the Seven Deadly Sins will defeat the Ten Commandments with everything they've got. In response, Zeldris and Fraudrin attempted to attack Meliodas from both sides, but he was teleported back to Istar. Afterword, Zeldris suggest the Ten Commandments to split up and move across the land to regain their magic faster while calming Galand down after his loss against Meliodas. However, Zeldris remained behind as Estarossa refused to move as he wanted to relax after being sealed for so long while Zeldris decided to look around.

Great Fight Festival arc

Zeldris facing Meliodas

Zeldris faces Meliodas

Zeldris is revealed to have toppled the Kingdom of Camelot's royal capital, single-handedly, seemingly having parted ways with Estarossa.[5]

Later on he, along with the other Commandments, arrive to aid Drole and Gloxinia who are facing off against Meliodas.[6] As he stands face to face with his brother, Meliodas immediately attempts to slash him across the chest. Completely unfazed, Zeldris was able to not only avoid the attack but cut Meliodas' arm off. Meliodas then kicks him in the face and attempts to reattach his arm, but Zeldris, unharmed, steps on it to prevent it from reattaching, and calls Grayroad over to place his Jubaku Ensa on Meliodas, to prevent him from escaping.[7] Zeldris later tells a now severely beaten Meliodas that his death will be the first part of their revenge and if it were not for his betrayal, the Demon Clan would have not been defeated in the war.[8]

Defensive Battle for Liones arc

Zeldris saving Estarossa

Zeldris saving Estarossa

A month after the death of Meliodas, Zeldris and the Ten Commandments continue with their conquest of Britannia. During the invasion of Liones, Zeldris manages to get several Holy Knights and civilians to fall under the effect of his Piety commandment and become the blind slaves of the Demon King and himself. After Fraudrin praised his commandment, he tells him how weak he is and is annoyed, then both feel the incredible concentration of power of Escanor and go to the castle to know what happens. There they witness the fight between Escanor and Estarossa, Zeldris is surprised that someone is able to battle his brother. When the fight moves out of Liones and Estarossa seems to win the upper hand, Zeldris says he has already decided, but Escanor manages to release an attack strong enough to obliterate Estarossa and send him away. Zeldris tries to help him, but only manages to be absorbed by the attack and sent remotely far away along with Estarossa.

Corand arc

Elizabeth facing Zeldris

Zeldris meet with Elizabeth

It is revealed that Zeldris survived Escanor's attack. In Camelot, Zeldris senses Merlin scouting Camelot in search of Arthur Pendragon using Orlondi. He swiftly attacks the mage with his magic through Orlondi and manages to curse her, but she manages to escape before Zeldris can kill her, impressing him.

While Elizabeth tries to cure Merlin, Zeldris came to see who was trying to cure Merlin and was visibly shocked at seeing her again but quickly recovers. Zeldris immediately starts mockingly greeting her, saying it is been quite a while since they last met and calling her a pitiful woman before getting angry when Elizabeth demands he tells her what he means. Zeldris calls her "Cursed Goddess Elizabeth" and asks her if she still brings Meliodas suffering while revealing he is Meliodas younger brother. When Elizabeth confusingly asks Zeldris on his words, Zeldris realizes the rumor of the Curse is true and reveals what he knows to her while annoyingly answering that it is off course her when Elizabeth questions on Meliodas' lover. When Elizabeth smiles, Zeldris is shocked and asks her on it. He gets angry when she tells him of what she dreamed of was true, and angrily screams for her to remember what had happened.

Prelude to the New Holy War arc

Some time later in Camelot, Zeldris tries to remove Excalibur from its place, but he did not even budge it, as Zeldris comments on the blade's magic being completely different from that of demons

At that moment, a Gray Demon comes and informs him that over one hundred demons have been killed, but they still do not know who the culprit is. Zeldris is annoyed by this, and decides that he will personally punish the criminal.

Zeldris talking with the Demon King

Zeldris talking with his father

Then, Zeldris is contacted by his father who tells him that Meliodas will replace him as the Demon King, and he is to accept his elder brother as his new king, much to Zeldris' anger. Reluctantly agreeing when the Demon King sternly told him to not argue and retrieve Meliodas, Zeldris telepathically calls the other Commandments but none of them responds to him except Gloxinia and Drole, who told him that they have abandoned the Commandments and are enemies of the Demon Clan. Disappointed and angered with the Giant and Fairy Kings decision, Zeldris responds by stripping them of their Demonic power and Commandments before cutting off contact without another word after saying that a Giant and Fairy could never properly work with the Demon Clan. Zeldris smirks unleashing his aura, saying he alone is enough to crush the Seven Deadly Sins, and he will show his father who is truly worthy of being the next King of the Demons.

At that moment, two demons, Cusack and Chandler, appears, much to Zeldris' pleasant surprise. Noting that his former mentor and Meliodas' former teacher's power is more than enough to fill in the vacancy of the missing Ten Commandments, Zeldris reveals to Chandler that his father has ordered him to rescue Meliodas and crown him as the new Demon King. He blatantly answers Cusack's evident criticism of the order by saying even he can never understand what the Demon King is thinking. When Chandler happily leaves to do so alone, Zeldris says aside from Chandler, there is no other demon more capable of defeating the Seven Deadly Sins. Right there, Estarossa wakes up momentarily from his coma, claiming that they do not leave him aside and asking if Meliodas is really still alive. Zeldris recommends him not force himself until he has healed completely. While they wait for Chandler, Zeldris and Cusack discuss the attitudes of the Pacifier Demon and his inevitable victory if he were to unleash his authentic form leaving aside his obsession with Meliodas.

Zeldris and Estarossa ready to attack Meliodas

Estarossa and Zeldris ready to attack Meliodas

When Meliodas finally returns accompanied by Chandler and Elizabeth, Zeldris receives him at the castle praising his guts. When Meliodas claims that he intends to become the Demon King, Zeldris affirms that he will be the one to have said position. After Estarossa shared his disagreement with Meliodas, the two jump to attack him. However, Meliodas manages to subdue both with his dark matter, immobilizing them against the ground with great pressure. Zeldris tries to prevent Cusack from intervening and can not believe that he can not move even with the power that his father gave him, recognizing the strength of his brother. After being released, Zeldris refuses to accept that Meliodas becomes the Demon King, knowing that he only wants that to break the curse that lies on him and Elizabeth. Meliodas says he wanted to achieve it by taking the magic that the Demon King had lent to Zeldris, but then says that he already understands that this will not be enough. Zeldris resumes his fierce attack on Meliodas claiming that he will become the Demon King, but he is easily overcome. When Meliodas catches him, he tells him that he knows the reason for his obsession with the throne, going on to tell him something that only Zeldris can hear. Suddenly, Zeldris decided to collaborate with Meliodas reluctantly, leaving Cusack and Estarossa impacted. Zeldris agrees that Meliodas will not reach his father's level with the borrowed power he possesses or training. When Meliodas reveals his plan to absorb the Ten Commandments to reach the power of his father, Estarossa asks Zeldris if that is possible, leading Zeldris to reveal that he has the Commandments of Gloxinia, Drole and Gowther, and quickly puts them away when Estarossa tries to take them. Zeldris uses the spell that removes Commandments in Estarossa but this does not work, revealing Zeldris that the only way to remove a Commandment from its bearer is that it is his consent or that he is unable to fight in response. Zeldris asks Meliodas how he intends to obtain the Commandments because they can not take them voluntarily as happened with Drole, Gloxinia and Gowther. There Estarossa asks what would happen if they were dead, revealing Zeldris that then the Commandment could be removed without problems of the corpse. Zeldris is surprised to discover that Grayroad was defeated by Merlin and that Meliodas has her Commandment. Zeldris affirms that Meliodas recognizes his place when he says that he can not accompany them to retrieve the other Commandments given that nobody would deliver them to a traitor of the Demon Clan. Before leaving in search of the Commandments, Zeldris warns Estarossa not to try to keep the Commandments for himself.

Zeldris showing possession of three commandments

Zeldris reveals the commandments in his possession

Following the weak trace of Melascula's magic, Zeldris arrives at the Boar Hat where he is confronted by Merlin and the other Sins. Zeldris claims not to know Merlin when she recognizes him, but when Merlin flies back to her original form, Zeldris identifies her as the girl who received the blessings of the Demon King and the Supreme Deity, impressing the other Sins.

Zeldris and Merlin go to heavens in order to have a negotiation for Melascula. Along the way, Zeldris tells the whole story about Merlin's past in Belialuin, which is heard by the Sins through a magical plant that Merlin left behind. When Zeldris ask about her intentions, Merlin also ask about the reason for what he is helping Meliodas to obtain the commandments and become the Demon King. When Zeldris denies given answers and insists that Merlin deliver him to Melascula, Merlin locks her into her Perfect Cube, forcing Zeldris to give her something in exchange for Melascula. Merlin requests that he hand over to Elizabeth and Arthur, but Zeldris denies because Meliodas would interfere with the first and his ignorance about the location or state of the second. Zeldris finally agrees to release all the Liones' Holy Knights and civilians who were under the effect of his Piety.

Zeldris negotiating with Merlin

Zeldris negotiate with Merlin

Zeldris insists to Merlin that he fulfills her part, but this is limited to rambling. When Zeldris warns her to cut her if she tries to do something, Merlin says she will not do anything. At that time, Ludociel, who possessed the body of Princess Margaret, attacked Zeldris from the Druid temple where Gilthunder was a prisoner. After Merlin escaped with Melascula, Zeldris emerges having survived and realizes that the Four Archangels are revived: He then attacks Ludociel with his Dies Irae.

Zeldris returns with Meliodas and their masters regretting that he did not recover Melascula's commandment and reveals to them that Ludociel and the other Archangels had been revived. When Meliodas reveals that the Four Archangels have allied with Elizabeth the Seven Deadly Sins, Zeldris delights in her escaping from Meliodas.

Some later, Zeldris and Cusack surprises Arthur prowling around the castle. When they ask him his identity, Arthur reveals to be the king of Camelot, allowing Zeldris to deduce that he is looking for Excalibur. Cath manages to distract the demons to give Arthur the possibility of escape.

Arthur using Mumyo no Mai to block Zeldris' attacks

Zeldris fights Arthur

When Arthur manages to find Excalibur, he is attacked on the back by Zeldris and Cusack, who show Cath completely wounded and defeated. There, Meliodas appears revealing that he have betrayed his friends, causing Arthur to defy them after brandishing Excalibur. While discussing with Meliodas the strange magic of the sword, Arthur manages to cut Cusack and Chandler in half and destroy much of the castle. Zeldris then attacks Arthur, but he blocks all his attacks without having to see them, which Zeldris recognizes as Mumyo no Mai. Zeldris wonders how he knows that old technique to which Arthur tells him not to underestimate humans, proceeding to attack him with Deathpecker. Both Meliodas and Zeldris recognize these techniques as those belonging to the ancient masters of the sword and understand that they are dealing with the power of Excalibur. Arthur manages to evade the attacks of Meliodas and Zeldris and deal with them blunt blows with Excalibur. However, these fail to make a dent in the two demons.

Current arc

Zeldris hears Meliodas's apologies

Zeldris hears Meliodas' apologies

Just before the Holy War was unleashed, Zeldris gives Meliodas all the Commandments he had in his possession, including his own. When he can no longer wait for Estarossa, Meliodas proceeds to absorb the five Commandments in his body. Before this, Zeldris reminds Meliodas of the whole reason why he agreed to help him become Demon King and Meliodas says that he will keep his promise after becoming Demon King. Zeldris says he is counting on it and Meliodas then asks Zeldris for forgiveness for the kind of older brother he has been. Zeldris does not answer but looks away, implying he is contemplating forgiving Meliodas.

Zeldris and Ludociel faces each other

Zeldris and Ludociel faces each other

Zeldris watches next to Cusack the cocoon in which Meliodas was, affirming that the absorption of the Commandments was being carried out correctly and that the body of Meliodas accepted them without problems. Zeldris says that they should look for the other Commandments as soon as possible and deal with them.

While waiting for Meliodas to come out of the cocoon, Zeldris, Cusack and Chandler are met at the castle by the Assault Force. The three demons are faced with Escanor, Merlin and Ludociel. Ludociel personally confronts Zeldris, saying that it is the first time they come face to face, to what Zeldris responds that it will be the last.

Zeldris and Ludociel exchanging sword attacks

Zeldris and Ludociel exchanges swords

When the battle begins, Zeldris watches as Escanor attacks Meliodas' cocoon to which he tells him to get it all out of his system. Zeldris, Cusack, and Chandler are then assaulted by Merlin's Double Impact. Ludociel happens to confront Zeldris, noting that his skill in swordsmanship is the fastest in all the Demon Realm. After a swift exchange of swordplay, Ludociel receives a small cut on the cheek, while Zeldris receives the same injury followed by a large cut on the arm. Ludociel calls him rude for hurting a woman's face, to which Zeldris response that Meliodas would never take away a woman's body for himself. Ludociel intercepts the advance of Zeldris with his Gold Shining. He is slightly surprised when Zeldris emerges unscathed, assuming it is the power of the Demon King. Chandler and Cusack depart when Zeldris assumes the position that will release his original power, worrying both demons. Zeldris affirms that Ludociel will see his full power.

Zeldris recalls what Meliodas told him when he convinced him to help him become the Demon King: that Gelda is still alive, and how he re-sealed her twelve years ago when she wanted to die. This makes Zeldris remembers the moment when he sealed the Vampire Clan, when Gelda tells him that while it is sealed she will remember all her days with him.

Zeldris dominates the Assault Force

Zeldris dominates the Assault Force

Ludociel claims that the victory in the Holy War will be for the Goddesses, but Zeldris tells him he has no interest in petty games like that. Zeldris then proceeds to use his original power, Ominous Nebula, creating an incredible force of attraction, which draws the Assault Force towards him. Zeldris claims that they must get out of their way, releasing an attack that leaves Ludociel, Escanor, Hendrickson and Gilthunder wounded against the wall. Zeldris creates another force of attraction, but Escanor and Ludociel manage to hold on to it, while Hendrickson and Gilthunder are kept away in safety by Merlin's teleportation.

Ludociel is carried away to attack Zeldris, however, is only repelled and embedded against the wall as last time.

There, Ludociel and Escanor decide to attack together. Ludociel uses his Ruby Shine to blind Zeldris with a bright light while Escanor causes a huge explosion with his Cruel Sun to camouflage their presences. Convinced that Zeldris will not be able to counterattack without being able to anticipate them, Ludociel and Escanor launch themselves on him, but to his surprise both are rejected in the same way once again.

Zeldris declares that it is time to stop wasting time and get serious, then increase the pressure and speed of his power. Merlin, already unable to escape with her teleportation, is at the mercy of the Zeldris attack who tells her that the first thing he will do is take away the Commandment. However, Escanor manages to shield her from the blow of Zeldris.

Escanor and Zeldris colliding

Zeldris colliding with Escanor

In his fury, Escanor releases his Crazy Prominence. Zeldris manages to divert with his sword all the mini suns that go towards him, but ends up causing a huge piece of the ceiling to fall on him. However, he is capable of destroying it and leaving unharmed without problems. Ludociel jumps to attack him once more, only so that he and Gilthunder who jump to protect him receive an even stronger blow from the power of Zeldris.

Zeldris declares that Escanor is the last one still standing. However, Escanor, assuming the power of The One, manages to advance without being absorbed by the Ominous Nebula. Seeing such a fact, Zeldris asks if he is some kind of monster. When Escanor tells about how he defeated Meliodas, Zeldris says that then he should not fight seriously because of the habit of underestimating his opponents that he developed due to being too strong. Zeldris declares that he is not like that and that he always uses his full power no matter who he faces.

Escanor piercing Zeldris with Divine Spear Escanor

Zeldris pierced by Escanor

Considering it a joke, Escanor attacks him with Rhitta. However, the Ominous Nebula manages to repel his attack, but only causing Escanor a few scrapes in the arm. When Escanor drops his weapon, Zeldris says he would do it to beg for his life, but he does not seem willing to do that. Escanor uses Divine Sword Escanor, colliding with the Ominous Nebula that is unable to repel it. Zeldris asks why a human takes such a risk in a fight between Demons and Goddesses, to which Escanor says that he does everything for the sake of his friends. Zeldris denies that Escanor can call Meliodas his "friend", stating that he has no place for those boring feelings and there increases the power of his Ominous Nebula, managing to push Escanor. However, the power of Escanor ends up being superior, breaking his Ominous Nebula and forcing Zeldris to intercept him with his sword.

Zeldris is forced to retreat, however, Escanor intercepts him with his Divine Spear Escanor, piercing his chest with his finger and leaving him very wounded. As Escanor returns to his night form before being able to finish him off, Zeldris needed less than a second to come to himself and one more second to reactivate his God power. This gives Ludociel enough time to strike him full with his Gold Shining, leaving Zeldris in very bad condition.

When the spell that Gowther had used 3,000 years ago began to fall apart because Meliodas and the Demon King discovered the truth, Zeldris and Cusack, like all those who were under its influence, begin to suffer the effects of the spell that kept their memories altered. Thus, Zeldris recognizes that his supposed brother "Estarossa" is actually the Archangel Mael.

Abilities and Equipment

As a member of the Ten Commandments, younger brother of Meliodas, and son of the Demon King himself, Zeldris is an extremely powerful demon. According to Meliodas, due to having being lent the magic power of the Demon King, Zeldris' power can equal that of the Demon King and Supreme Deity, and that he has the power to remove the curse on him and Elizabeth.[9] However, once Meliodas returned to become Demon King, he realizes that he overestimated Zeldris and states that even with the power Zeldris borrowed from their father, Zeldris' power still pales in comparison to the true power of the Demon King to which Zeldris agrees to.[10] His aura alone terrified Arthur Pendragon, who states that his power rivals that of his old mentor, Cusack.[11] His aura is also strong enough to completely terrify the countless heroes inside Excalibur.[12] Even Cusack and Chandler, the two highest-ranked demons, fear his power.[13] Cusack stated that Zeldris is destined to surpass him.[14]

Like all members of the Demon Clan, Zeldris possesses the mysterious jet-black power of darkness which he can use for a variety of purposes, such as forming wings to fly.[15] His aura, combined with the aura of the other Ten Commandments is so terrifying that it made the normally calm Hendrickson sweat in fear by their presence and unnerved Meliodas when he sensed it from several kilometers away.[16] He is capable of inflicting a curse on Merlin, an individual with natural resistance to the effects of demonic magic, which would have killed her and was so powerful that even Hendrickson, who spent years studying Druid magic, was powerless to do anything to save her.[17] He has the ability to telepathically communicate with the other Commandments even throughout all of Britannia.[18] Due to being the Demon King's representative, he is able to grant the Commandments to others and remove them from any member of the Ten Commandments if they allow it or if they are unable to fight back, as shown when he was able to strip Drole and Gloxinia of their status as members of the Ten Commandments.[19] He is shown capable of suppressing the powers of others, even ones as powerful as the Giant King Drole, due to being lent the magic power of the Demon King.[20] When fighting at full strength, Zeldris can enlarge his demon mark similar to his older brother when he was the leader of the Ten Commandments,[21] and is also the only demon alongside Meliodas known to be capable of surviving taking in multiple Commandments into himself.[22]

Zeldris possesses immense levels of skill in combat, as he was trained by both Cusack and Meliodas. He was able to single-handedly easily render Camelot's entire military forces, the second most powerful kingdom in Britannia, completely powerless, without sustaining any injury.[23] Furthermore, he is capable of getting the better of his older brother, Meliodas, when he had not regained his true full strength and easily brought down Drole, the Giant King, with a single kick.[24] He has shown to be extremely fast and has extraordinary reflexes, cutting Meliodas' arm off in one swing before the latter was able to behead him.[25] His speed in swordsmanship is said to be the fastest in all of the Demon Realm, which is proven by how he could almost match Ludociel in swordplay, only getting one more injury.[26] He is extremely durable, as he was unfazed after taking a kick by Meliodas to his head with his demon mark activated and even survived being hit by Escanor's Cruel Sun at close range.[27] Even when hit by a very powerful attack from Ludociel, he only sustained minor bruises.[28] Zeldris later survived a brutal finger-jab to the stomach from Escanor's The One form and even Ludociel's Gold Shining, although he was severely injured from such attack. He also possesses tremendous physical strength, as shown when he held back Escanor's Divine Sword Escanor attack for a significant amount of time before falling back.[29]


Main article: Ominous Nebula
  • Ominous Nebula凶星雲 (オミノス・ネビュラ)  Kyōseiun (Ominosu Nebyura)」: Zeldris' innate power.[30] This power creates a vortex that surrounds and attracts all living beings around him that are sliced at a god-like speed by pure reflexes when anyone comes in contact.[31]
Main article: God
  • God魔神王 (ゴッド)  Goddo; literally meaning "Demon King"」: According to Zeldris, the Demon King lent a portion of his magic power to him for him to use.[4] When using his father's power, Zeldris is able to completely nullify all magical attacks.[32]
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  • Hellblaze獄炎 (ヘルブレイズ)  Gokuen (Herubureizu); literally meaning "Hellfire"」: A mysterious ability possessed by Zeldris that allows him to generate black flames.[33] It also has the additional effect of nullifying an immortal's regeneration.
  • Dies Irae怒りの日 (ディエス・イレ)  Ikari no Hi (Diesu Ire); literally meaning "Day of Wrath"」: Zeldris summons a portal over his desired target, and releases a massive lightning bolt to strike them down.[34]


Zeldris was bestowed with the Commandment of Piety (けい) (しん)  Keishin」 by the Demon King. Any who turn their back to Zeldris are treated as committing an act of treachery and are cursed into serving the Demon King, and by extension Zeldris himself who is acting as the Demon King's representative.[35]


  • Shortsword: Zeldris wields a shortsword with a sharp point on the end.[36] He is tremendously skilled in swordsmanship, using it in a manner similar to Iaido.[25] For an unknown reason, he has the Goddess Clan symbol on his sword.

Power Level

Total Magic Strength Spirit
61,000 10,000 47,200 3,800



Zeldris once idolized Meliodas when he was the leader of the Ten Commandments and was trained in combat by him. However, after Meliodas betrayed the Ten Commandments and caused the Vampire Clan to attempt to revolt against the Demon King, forcing Zeldris to seal them away as the Demon King ordered Zeldris to execute them but Zeldris could not as Gelda was among the Vampires, Zeldris came to greatly resent Meliodas and harbors extreme anger towards his traitorous brother, as he was forced to separate with his lover due to his betrayal.

Zeldris remained unforgiving of Meliodas' actions despite knowing that Meliodas harbors guilt for that and refused to negotiate with him. He has said that one of the things left in him is his rage towards Meliodas, showing just how much Zeldris came to despise him. Hence, he did not care that Estarossa killed Meliodas, likely being even pleased that his elder brother was no longer an obstacle to his plans and possibly that Gelda's death was avenged, although whether he is aware of Gelda being killed by Meliodas remains unknown but it is safe to assume that as he has seen the hole in Edinburgh that he did, which likely made his resentment towards Meliodas even greater, and even confidently attacked him head-on without hesitation, but he was most likely aware that Meliodas would resurrect eventually.

However, Zeldris himself apparently views Meliodas is suffering around Elizabeth and does blame her for his brother's betrayal, implying he does feel some doubt in their strangeness. Nevertheless, any bond they had has vanished despite Zeldris apparently having some doubts on his antagonism towards his older brother and finds his actions and betrayal towards the Demon Clan and the fact that his betrayal forced him to seal away Gelda to be unacceptable and unforgivable.

Zeldris also expressed outrage at The Demon King's order to retrieve and crown Meliodas as the New Demon King and was quick to furiously attack him alongside Estarossa and expressed absolute rage when Meliodas easily subdued him, still trying to get up despite the overwhelming power Meliodas exerted to pin him down. Meliodas then quietly tells Zeldris that Gelda is still alive, but sealed away. He promises Zeldris that he will release the seal he has placed on her, as soon as he becomes the new Demon King, which leads to Zeldris reluctantly agreeing to cooperate with Meliodas, although this alliance does not stop Zeldris from mocking Meliodas when Elizabeth escaped, but they still work well in combat together against Arthur. The fact that Zeldris trusts Meliodas will fulfill his promise implies he still has some trust in his elder brother.

Meliodas recently apologizes to Zeldris, asking for forgiveness for being the kind of older brother he's been. Zeldris is silent, but seems to be pondering what Meliodas said which may indicate that they both did have some desire to reconcile and subconsciously care for each other when it happened.


At some time during the war with the Goddess Clan, Zeldris met and fell in love with the Vampire Gelda. His desire to protect her was what drove him to become the ruthless and cold-hearted executioner of the Demon King according to Meliodas, with Meliodas himself saying that Zeldris worked so hard and desperate that even he does not understand why until he met Elizabeth. When the time came for Zeldris to execute the Vampire Clan, having to kill the one woman he loved caused him great suffering, and he ultimately could not bring himself to do it, instead sealing her and the Vampire Clan away. It was this event that soured Zeldris' relationship with Meliodas.


Cusack is Zeldris' old mentor and is very attached to him. Zeldris appears to hold him at a high regard, as he believed with Cusack and Chandler, they can easily fill in the vacant spots of the Ten Commandments, but is annoyed by Cusack's displays of affection for him. He also had no qualms calling Cusack's tea and advise horrible. However, he does show some care for him when he told him not to charge at Meliodas after his elder brother easily pinned him down, knowing that his mentor is no match for his elder brother's full power.


Great Fight Festival arc

Prelude to the New Holy War arc

Current arc


  • According to the official fanbook:
    • Handedness: Right-handed
    • Birthplace: Demon Realm
    • Special ability: Execution
    • Hobbies: Dragon hunting
    • Daily Routine: Goddess slaying
    • Favorite food: Dragon meat
    • Dream/Hope: Perfect victory
    • Charmpoint: Nothing
  • Both Zeldris and Meliodas are voiced by Yūki Kaji (Japanese) and Bryce Papenbrook (English)
  • Zeldris is the shortest member of the Ten Commandments


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